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14-10-2005, 15:15:07

A UK obesity expert has analysed why it is that women who move in with their man often put on weight as a result.

Eating man-sized portions and indulging in richer foods and wines can lead to weight gain, a review in The Lancet medical journal says.

When you combine that with going on the contraceptive pill or having babies, a woman's waistline can severely suffer, says author Dr David Haslam.

"Men are very bad for women really," he said.

14-10-2005, 15:16:59
But... it's ok because you can save yourselves if you do more housework!

Societal changes mean women may be less physically active than their great-grandmothers were, doing less housework thanks to time-saving gadgets, getting partners to share the load or paying others to do it for them.

Tizzy, I will try and be a good boyfriend and not take your housework away.

14-10-2005, 15:18:23
I see you're striving to fulfil your good deeds as well.

14-10-2005, 15:18:53
Yes. :beer: Tizzy is lucky.

14-10-2005, 15:19:30
And I have a 90% chance of being dead when I get home I think...

14-10-2005, 15:19:50
I foresee a kick to the balls for Funco.

14-10-2005, 15:36:37
You reckon 10% chance of survival?

Isn't optimism great?

14-10-2005, 15:37:18
I'm banking on you being too lazy to finish me off properly.

14-10-2005, 15:38:54
Then you can guarantee keeping 100% of the housework
Good call

Nills Lagerbaak
14-10-2005, 16:05:07
I think the happiest solution is that only one meal is cooked, for the man. The woman gets to eat and drink whatever the man cannot finish. That way you save money and there is a chance the woman might actually lose weight.
Oh domestic bliss!

14-10-2005, 16:06:15
'a chance' :lol:

14-10-2005, 16:10:36
So, you're single huh Nills?

14-10-2005, 16:13:40
Obviously. if he wasn't he'd have known he had to specify "only one meal is cooked by the woman" to avoid confusion

Nills Lagerbaak
14-10-2005, 16:15:17
I'm only partially single. Funko is fully paired up because he can see that cooking a man a meal is additional good excercise!

14-10-2005, 16:16:07
And... if you are only cooking it for him you can put more chillis in.

14-10-2005, 16:25:25
Now that's a challenge http://www.xboxworld.com.au/forum/images/smilies/sagrin.gif

14-10-2005, 16:28:00
Don't kill him at home. Too much mess to clean up after.

14-10-2005, 16:28:44
I'm not as stjoepit as I look

14-10-2005, 16:31:09
Damn... it's hard not to get myself in more trouble sometimes...

14-10-2005, 16:39:37
Guys, here's a puzzle for you, see if you can work it out:

Guess which CG poster has now ruined his chances of having a delicious homemade curry cooked by his lovely girlfriend?

14-10-2005, 16:40:22

14-10-2005, 16:42:40
I don't really know why I'm laughing.

14-10-2005, 16:43:28
Nervous reaction

14-10-2005, 17:13:08
Originally posted by Tizzy
CG poster + lovely girlfriend? that will be the day

14-10-2005, 17:16:29
Yay! thanks mrG you are going to get my kicking for me!

14-10-2005, 17:17:36
seeee i am a goooood gooood goooooooooooooooood helpertje.

14-10-2005, 17:27:04
Originally posted by mr.G
that will be the day when she makes you cryhy

14-10-2005, 17:43:57
Originally posted by Funko
I don't really know why I'm laughing.
it's your self-ironing!

14-10-2005, 18:00:17
You would think after all that time alone Funko wouldn't be posting good excuses for Tizzy to join team V.

John Doe
14-10-2005, 18:01:14
Eating man-sized portions and indulging in richer foods and wines can lead to weight gain, a review in The Lancet medical journal says.
We really needed the Lancet to tell us that