View Full Version : Guild wars expansion info being released. Only given in game to current players.

13-10-2005, 20:40:06
I have no idea how they got it by the marketing department, but GW is revealing info about the upcoming expansion in game through a talking frog that randomlt appears in one zone aand then talks to players. No online announcements, no press kits, not anything.

Here is a link to screenshots of the Frog's responses. The previous ones seemed to be just feedback, but the one from the 9th is an obvious preview.


Auction house, 1 on 1 PVP, alliances, expanded world, more character slots, new classes, new pets, maybe another playable race, all seem to be on the docket.

And I love the player suggestions for a halloween event. The normal "MAKE SKaRIEEE STUFFS!!" but then "Let us get candy from NPCs!!" is hilarious.

And Jon Mi;ahjdjhkdsgfadsui chatted with me all night last night. He even spelled JM^3 right!

13-10-2005, 20:53:30
So that's the reason we've been abandoned in Galaxies. You two are cybering in the Guild Wars world.

13-10-2005, 21:37:10

I am suppose to be working


14-10-2005, 01:54:59
Originally posted by Venom
So that's the reason we've been abandoned in Galaxies. You two are cybering in the Guild Wars world.

Well, that and because GW has no monthly fee. I can afford that right now.

14-10-2005, 01:57:22
I really can't think of what a new class would do. They really can cover pretty much any type of character from any other game right now. Maybe a non scout rogue type would be hard to do.

As well balanced as the Devs keep the game a new class will turn PVP strats on their heads.

Also the comment about citizens making profits to others...

SOE, NCSoft, and MS through Vanguard have supposedly been planning some major joint action against the sales sites. SOE has set up their exchange making a real legal groundwork against those people. Maybe we will see something big go down soon. I would love to not see 1000 people trying to bulk sell angela's ashes for

"EZ 2k exp buy 1 4 200 gold oar 20 4 100 glod each!! than u sell 4 prophit!!"

14-10-2005, 01:59:08
Guild Wars also has interesting combat, with not much leveling required...

I still need to try out the PvP, but it seems as if that is interesting as well

it is not a complete world, like SWG is (and I think that SWG is the best world, however I have decided I am not really looking for that right now... the work there (leveing, etc) is too much work)

Jon Miller

14-10-2005, 02:00:15
yeah, I think Rogue might be one they will add

my freind thinks that Invincimonk is ballanced.. I don't

but it is ballanced in PvP, so who cares?

Jon Miller

14-10-2005, 02:16:14
They aim for balance more with PVP than with PVE. There are some buids that have a very hard time in PVE. But thats the players fault, they can rearange their skills for PVE and not be over specialized. The game lets you change any time you are in town.

There are no "I win" builds in PVP. There are some combos that are new or have few people that can counter, but when one pops up they start multiplying and it is not long before they are common enough that people start making counter builds, thene ht ecounter build is great, then something counters that.

The funny thing is the dull ass generic PVP templates are the ones that are always usefull. They are somewhat balanced.

I did a couple quick rounds of pvp last night. I just want to say, a W/Me alonf with a N/R in the same group if planned right are a scary thing if you are not prepared.

Seeing your whole group gain poison, disease, weakness, burning, deep wound and bleeding all at once kind of makes you go "Oh shit, our monk better have his elite condition removers". (the power of virulence, pison wpn, and flame attacks and then an epedemic together). But all it takes is one Monk set up to counter that or an Me anti caster build to smear that group around the arena. My group didn't have that.

I have never seen my health drop so fast. -10 regen on the whole group for 14 seconds my ass! It would take a maxed troll ungent just to make it stand still.

14-10-2005, 03:03:45
Originally posted by HelloKitty
Well, that and because GW has no monthly fee. I can afford that right now.

It's costing your soul. At least it would if you had one.

14-10-2005, 03:05:50
I have a soul. I keep it in a jar with my empathy and goodwill.

14-10-2005, 22:34:25
Like the other everquest gamers. =)

I found the Warrior/Monk combo to be ridiculously good for the random pickup groups I joined. We had a 25ish game streak (minimum) in the random PvP character pickup room. Two Warrior/Monks and some other stuff was always a welcome sight.

It's a *very* MtG style game, ultimately. There were matches where I could tank their 3 out of 4 of their entire group for an extended time (equals the win), and others where I was isolated against a Necro/Me and just completely wtfpwnt. The matchups tend to be extreme sometimes.

What killed it for LR and I was the seriously lacking PvE. Oh, and the whole 'it's not Warcraft' bit. Friends and community... er, well... friends count for a lot in these games.

15-10-2005, 01:06:05
We like to keep our souls clean. We fear they will get spattered with Battlenet goo while we are on the internets.

And yeah, the community can be pretty bad in GW. Since there is only one server you have ALL the assholes on your server rather than the other games where you only have 1% of the total assholes that play the game and can learn their names.

15-10-2005, 10:05:54
Having developed a thick skin in D2 and WoW, the GW community couldn't really annoy me that much. :)

What ultimately drove me away from GW was that I found the game to be extremely uncomfortable and lacking in a bazillion minor features that one should normally take for granted in a pure multiplayer game.

The guild tab not showing the level and location of your currently online guildmates is one example. The ridiculously low number of allowed people in guild is another - that caused major problems for my guild, who ultimately had to split into four different guilds in-game with similar names. But of course there's no efficient way to communicate efficiently in-between guilds. Then the subpar PVE part and its absolutely atrocious pathing. There's probably more things that bothered me - I don't remember. Maybe some of these things are even fixed by now.

It's a shame really - GW is a decent game IMO, comes with a lot of good ideas and supposedly also has a great and very polished PVP part (I wouldn't know - I never came that far). It really boggles the mind though how one part of a game can be so polished and everything else so sloppy ...

16-10-2005, 23:33:10
The early storyline felt soooo Dungeon Siege it was hard to get a grip... and then seeing the generic Zergling/Troll badguys made it worst.

Perhaps the one thing that has really saved Blizzard in all of this is that the core of their flavour team is still there and kicking ass. World of Warcraft is an incredibly good looking game, with a properly realised world and even some humor. And you kinda need that in an MMO. If 'very polished PvP' is your only real selling point, then you tend to run into the whole 'but I could just be playing Battlefield' issue - MMO PvP is always somewhat lacking compared to pure PvP games.