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22-11-2001, 14:33:18
Article is here: http://www.counterglow.net/article.php?id=cmupdateripoff

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22-11-2001, 15:11:07
I can't be bothered to keep up with the CM updates, I got 00/01 as there were a lot of additions to the game engine from CM3 that I hadn't got when I didn't get the 99/00 update. I think that at most getting everyother update is worthwhile, to be fair there are always engine improvements in each release.

Resource Consumer
22-11-2001, 15:17:56
These haven't been fundamental improvements. This time they added "fog of war" and "compare players" (the last of which I particularly like) . These are features more than improvements to the engine.

Also, adding new leagues, while nice, isn't an engine improvement.

22-11-2001, 15:22:48
Well between CM3 and 00/01 they added player power which meant that players would get disgruntled etc. ask for transfers, walk out etc. That's quite a big change in your managerial tasks. They also added the thing where you get newspaper headlines etc. Still didn't get the first update but I did get the second one.

My opinion I guess is that it doesn't matter how many games they release, it's up to me to decide which versions to buy, it's not one of those games where I need the latest version to play on-line or whatever...

Resource Consumer
22-11-2001, 15:48:57
Fair enough. It's always up to everyone how to spend their own money.:)

If you miss out alternate releases, I guess you would see more of a difference. However, if you bought each one, as the publishers presumably wish you to (else it wouldn't be made available) then you would notice less difference between successive releases.

22-11-2001, 15:58:36
Absolutely. Which is why I don't.

I agree with you that you shouldn't be forced to get the latest version just to get the latest player database but I think a lot of their effort goes into maintaining that database... problem is it's out of date as soon as it's released most of the time. There are transfers all over the place.

Resource Consumer
22-11-2001, 16:12:54
Yes, I think that is right.

However, I wonder at the economics of maintaining that database compared with the long lead times in developing a game from scratch and when both have the same RRP in the shops.

22-11-2001, 21:09:32
I thought most of the researchers where volunteers? (or was that to start off with?)

Resource Consumer
23-11-2001, 09:40:20
You may well be right. Some of the updates for non-current versions are done by fans.

Still, there would be some costs involved, but all they need to do is to hire someone to stuff the figures in a database and roll the game out the door. Doesn't seem that it is keenly priced to me.

23-11-2001, 09:59:45
A lot of the international researchers are volunteers. The fans were always offering to collect information about their local leagues if the league would be added to the DB.

Resource Consumer
23-11-2001, 10:31:47
They did have a problem with consistency for a while, IIRC. Some leagues provided a reservoir of overvalued players while others undervalued.

For example, a skill level of 16 was interpreted as something in Scandinavia and something else in France.

I always found Scandinavia to be a good place to grab players.

23-11-2001, 10:41:41
A bit like teams in the UK do? Look at Bolton or Charlton...

26-05-2002, 22:56:20
Just saw this, thanks to a Guest…

RC, fog of war is a significant change that really brings scouting into its own.

The big problem is that, in general, there are players who it is good to buy in every game. In 01/02 no squad would be complete without Robben, Aghahowa, or Radoi.