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06-10-2005, 16:51:53
Well COV ships on the 30th of this month.

They also just announced that even though it is a new game that doesn't require City of Heroes to play, if you already pay for COH there will be no additional fee for COV.

So two full games for 13 or 14$.

Not bad.

When I had time t get in on the beta the game looked nice. I didn't get a chance to build my own base though.

06-10-2005, 17:25:14
but the same horrifying grind, right?

i played a lot of coh and my highest char was 30 odd i think

with wow i have a 60 and 44 already

why go back to the grind?

06-10-2005, 17:41:56
Because you have done everything in one of them in a month?

Honestly I didn't go too high with limited time. The change int he ways missions are arranged, the PVP missions, Evil Genius style build your own base and let players try to storm it in pvp, addition are all great.

07-10-2005, 02:38:19
I gurantee you cannot do everything in a month in WoW.

Even with your contacts HK, getting a full set of Might or Arcanists and killing Ragnaros is a tall order.

07-10-2005, 07:23:36

the high level stuff in WoW is massive camping.. almost as bad as stuff in AO or similiar games

Jon Miller
(not as bad as teh really rare stuff that drops once or twice a year.. but still pretty bad)

07-10-2005, 07:31:20
Originally posted by Shining1
I gurantee you cannot do everything in a month in WoW.

Even with your contacts HK, getting a full set of Might or Arcanists and killing Ragnaros is a tall order.

Well if you include farming rare drops, no you can't see it all. What is the Might armour? a 1 in 1k drop isn't it?

He complained about the horrifying grind. Killing the same thing 8000 times to get hopefully one set of gear (barrign duplicate drops meaning more kills) is kind of a horrible grind that makes Vex Thal look almost reasonable, so I assumed he wouldn't be into that.


As for ragnaros, isn't he on weekly farm status for any competent raid guild? I am pretty sure Furur has bragged about doing a perfect kill (0 deaths) on him.

07-10-2005, 07:36:55
Originally posted by JM^3

the high level stuff in WoW is massive camping.. almost as bad as stuff in AO or similiar games

Jon Miller
(not as bad as teh really rare stuff that drops once or twice a year.. but still pretty bad)

I know, thats the point, there is no more content. Just a horrible grind to get raid drops and super rare drops off trash mobs with little variety. You have seen everything at that point. Go on each major raid once, easily done in 2-3 weeks if you app to a top guild, a week or two to hit lvl 60 or less if you ahve friends to PL you.

COH was the same way though. There was nothing when you were done. Now there is. The PVP is great for just COH. COV adds mission PVP, base raids, base construction, etc. You can just play the game as a sim fortress if you want and set up traps and let players try to break in.

07-10-2005, 09:16:45
i think the argument has got a bit tangential, but basically, if it's a choice between exploring high end content in wow (and i know i'm nowhere near having done everything), or playing coh where i felt like i never managed to achieve anything or access any of the higher level stuff, then it's an easy choice

i don't see pvp as a great asset for coh in the debate between the two because wow's pvp is far more integrated and diverse than what coh has to offer

and i really don't see base building as a killer idea, but i haven't seen it for myself so maybe it'll turn out to be a fulfilling game mode.

07-10-2005, 11:04:31
Set armor drops are guaranteed off of bosses from Strathholme upwards. For instance, Baron Rivendare drops a Rare set Legpiece everytime he dies, Onyxia drops two Tier2 Epic Helms everytime she dies. So it's farming, for sure, with group politics thrown in. But nothing like the boredom of a 1 in 1k drop rate.

Rag is bloody difficult for anyone outside of a Blackwing Lair guild. He requires full fire resist on all tanks/rogues, and about 200 on everyone else. If you're farming Rag, you're better than competant.

Nothing I've seen or read about CoH or CoV PvP has inspired me in the least. A mess of control skills, one shot kills, twisted PvP vs. PvE rulesets and cronic class imbalance that makes WoW look like checkers.

Never as bad as you think, of course. And love for the PvP cartoon. Even tho Skull is going to be corpse camped for his comments now.

07-10-2005, 16:53:41
You should try COH pvp. It is by far the best balanced and most fun system. It sounds like you heard about beta problems for COH PVP. The CoV system is still being balanced but it is still in beta so thats fair but the live arena system works great.

And I know that the high named mobs guarantee a single drop. How many people are required to kill each? How many per week can you do with respawn/lockout timers? From what I have heard most people agree if you want the gear its much easier and faster to farm trash mobs.

And if you are doing the high end of WoW, why would you not join a decent raiding guild? I know there are people who don't have time or skill to apply to a good raid guild, but if your goal is to see the end, you should be with the people who are doing everything. You don't have to join a FOH with the uber assholes, there are plenty of guilds that are pretty friendly and still have mandatory raiding.

07-10-2005, 17:13:18
I have heard that Guild Wars PvP is very good

of course, the PvE experience there isn't a real MMO


07-10-2005, 18:31:57
Guild wars pvp is good and bad. The bad part is that if you make your main char a goofy/fun combo guilds will hate you and never want to use you. The good thing is you can create a PVP only char with max level anytime you want and can select items and powers based on anything you have ever gotten in the PVE game. So if you want to play something with a silly combo you can do it and no one will ever know it was you.

Everything is interestingly balanced though with a strong counter and you see cycling of strats, someone finds a good strat and starts dominating, tons of people start using those powers/combos etc, then another group puts together an awesome counter and blows away everyone. then the sheep start duplicating that one.

The limiting of 8 abilities that you have to select (like EQ1 spell sets) before leaving town makes the game much more stategic than the others. You have 8 abilities and cannot switch on the fly. You have to plan ahead.

Really the pvp is like a live action Magic the Gathering. All the 'colors' of the game are represented and you can select 2 for your char. Mix and match abilities and go from there (only 8 at a time though). So you can do anything from an offensive nuker, to a pet user, to a shut down/counterspell specialist. Or a mix.

Its also cool that everyone in the world plays on one server. So you never are short on people to play with at any time of day. Even at the worst time in the entrance town to a very unpopular mission the lowest I saw were 10 instances full of other players.

Its also cool to see the big corporate teams. Lots of game companies have guilds. Toys R Us has a guild and kicks ass.

Apparently the expansion is in the works and up for preorder now. NCSoft has pu out some great games, very solid play and design.

Besides, the game is a fancy lad's wet dream, you can dress like this


07-10-2005, 18:42:15
Oh and you can see how nice the game runs and what pvp looks like http://www.guildwars.com/gallery/movies/default.html

The pvp extreme weekend is just video clips of random pvp matches from the weekend. The game looks like that with absolutely no lag on even a decent machine. Is it eq2 quality graphics? no, but it looks nice and the game play is fun.

I am home, I think I may go jump into the random PVP pool and do some fighting.

07-10-2005, 19:24:46
GW is what I have mostly played recently

I haven't done much PvP though


07-10-2005, 20:03:54
How far along are you? all this talk gave me the GW bug and I just started up a brand new elementalist/Mesmer. Thinking of going Fire/Illusion. Love how you can fast tab in and out so I can watch e-mail etc.

Name is Adenylate Cyclase.

And you should try GW PVP. Even if you just use the pvp chars. Be a W/Mo, everyone will love you in their group.

07-10-2005, 20:16:56
I have three characters in the 14-16 level range

one has ascended and has drok armor


07-10-2005, 20:20:59
characters are

Tarna Lithith
- Mesmer/Necro

Taizu (don't remember)
- Elementist/Monk

Morgaine (don't remember)
- Warrior/Necro

Jon Miller

10-10-2005, 06:53:12
I am currently

"Stupid Noobie" 7 W/N
Adenylate Cyclase 8 E/Me
I can't remember the name 17 E/R

11-10-2005, 12:56:52
I got Guild Wars a while back.

Interesting PvP, for sure. Appalling PvE, unfortunately.

11-10-2005, 17:30:40
What didn't you like about the PVE? I think its nice to have fast paced pve where you have to make choices about how you want to play. EQ2 and WoW both fucked up majorly imo by not limiting what can be used when.

Now the NPCs you can hire to fill up your groups are completely retarded, so if you try to exclusivly solo, yeah I can see why you may hate it since you need to be a few levels above your enemies t use a full NPC group.

PvE is very linear, but they did try to set it up like a traditional RPG and the company still says it is an RPG not a MMORPG. Its very similar to playing FFXI without the painful grind.