View Full Version : I'm "Single" Again! Yaaay!

30-09-2005, 14:37:36
I just put wifey and Josie on a plane to San Francisco. We were invited to a wedding there, which takes place tomorrow. Seeing as I don't really care for those ppl, and since I just started a new job I needed to stay home.

I fly out to Fresno next Thursday where I am going to be in a good friends wedding. Wifey is going to Fresno on Sunday where she will hang out with her family until I arive.

Anyway, from now until next Thursday I have no wife and no kid!


She's making me do work around the house:(

Bifold doors and painting:(

30-09-2005, 14:42:59
:lol: find the quickest way to do them, and do it even quicker.

Whenever my wife isn't around, I make big plans to do fun stuff, and I end up sitting and sleeping on the couch in front of the tv, or behind my pc. Sad really.

30-09-2005, 14:43:57
ie. Wanking himself silly.

30-09-2005, 14:44:49
I was planning on getting drunk for the whole weekend and play Civ, watch football, and spank it like 8 times a day. Now I have to go to Lowes!

30-09-2005, 14:48:04
You can still spank it at Lowes.

30-09-2005, 14:49:00
I got a list a few weeks ago when my wife was out of town.

Only two items on the list, but one was "remove wallpaper".

30-09-2005, 14:49:06

30-09-2005, 14:49:17
You can still spank it at Lowes.

to what? a paper cut out of Bob Vila?!

30-09-2005, 14:54:25
To the air compressors and all the high powered tools that go with them.

30-09-2005, 14:56:44
I so want an air compressor and nail guns!

Hmmm... if I am going to paint I might as well add a chair rail. Then I'd need to get that air compressor

30-09-2005, 15:07:43
See, Lowes is so wankable.

The Mad Monk
30-09-2005, 21:52:11
I bought a 6 hp 150 psi 30 gal model a couple months ago. That and an impact wrench knocked the crap out of some stuck bolts.

Air compressors rule. :bounce: