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24-09-2005, 16:24:13
If you like Floyd and you like dub you will adore this album. I only learned about it yesterday, got hold of it and can confirm it's a work of genius. It keeps all the feel, musicality and meaning of the original and takes it easily into the reggae realm with a little bit of humour.

It's such a huge task and such a legendary album to take on but they manage it. The musicianship, the production and the sheer balls of it really appeals to me.

All of the speech samples are recreated in a Jamaican stylee and instead of cash registers in that crazy loop at the beginning of Money it's an almost identical loop made out of bong samples, coughs and stoned giggles.

It's brilliant! :beer:


24-09-2005, 16:46:47
Apparently it is 100% Wizard of Oz compatible.

Their next project is OK Computer!

Provost Harrison
24-09-2005, 19:25:22
WIzard of Oz compatible? :confused:

Nills Lagerbaak
24-09-2005, 19:32:50
Hear hear! (Dis). 'Tis a straight up booya album and ting.

Provost Harrison
24-09-2005, 19:52:06
Is there a translator in the forum anywhere?

26-09-2005, 08:15:38
Originally posted by Provost Harrison
WIzard of Oz compatible? :confused:

This simply must be an own goal attempt.