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19-09-2005, 20:38:35
Tonight (Monday) we have

CSI: Miami - will Heratio actually speak with a voice?! Will that one dude ever do that one thing!? Is that the guy from Donnie Darko? I don't care! but my wife does, we'll probably have to recorded and she'll probably make me suffer through it instead of watching it when I'm at work.

Medium - I like this show, if the mom would get her teeth done and she about 30 pounds she'd be hot. Still, this is probably way better than that one with that girl that use to be on Party of 5 and won't take of her shirt... you know the one.

Las Vegas - Yaaay! Nikki Cox!!!! Nuff said... oh, and James Caan kicks ass.

Arrested Development - I have never ever watched this show, but I hear it is really good. So, I may watch this, but if I do I either have to suffer through Kitchen Confidential or How I met your mother... tough choice.

Kitchen Confidential - I'm not a psychic, but my powers say "craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!"

Surface - Contact? Threshold? Supernatural!? We want X-files back so stop feeding us this shit and expecting us to like it?!

Just Legal - It better have a hot chick wearing next to nothing in it or the title is just a tease and I will learn to hate it.

7th Heaven - Jessica Beil where are you?! Now that you are gone we can see how bad this show is!!

The King of Queens - Fat dude, hot wife... yeah, whatever. At least George's dad is in, and he's funny. I'll catch in the spring... when it's in syndication.

How I met your mother - she sold me drugs at a Def Leopard concert. End of story. Next!

Two and a Half Men - Great show, better in the summer when it's be reran.

Out of Practice - Out of patience.

Maybe I'll just watch Football.

19-09-2005, 22:05:03
I only watch sports and BSG.

20-09-2005, 01:34:48
Is Mark E Smith not in them anymore then?

20-09-2005, 14:06:24
I watched Vegas and Medium

Vegas was good, and half way through Medium a bunch of thunder storms rolled through so I went outside in my tin foil hat and pissed myself... it was awesome

20-09-2005, 14:14:42
Tuesday night we have;

According to Jim - Courtney Thorne-Smith and Kimberly Williams-Paisley make this one of the best shows to catch in syndication.

NCIS - we aren't CSI, but we wish we were! Haven't watched it, don't care to.

Dancing with the Stars - lame.

My Name is Earl - will be interesting, but I like that guy from Mallrats so we'll see.

The Office - not as good as the BBC, but still funny.

Law & Order: SVU - witch one is this?

Biggest Loser - fat ppl exercising is funnay!

Gilmore Girls and Supernatural - Does anyone watch the WB?

Bones - I thought Angel was on the WB?

House - this is a "what if" show. "What if" Venom was your doctor? I'm wish it was a "what if" this show was any good?

Big Brother 6 - the finale... which lezbian will win 500k?

Rock Star INXS - the finale... which gay looking dude will head up a has been rock band?

Wife Swap - I wish.

I'll probably watch paint fade.

Lazarus and the Gimp
20-09-2005, 19:16:20
Originally posted by Debaser
Is Mark E Smith not in them anymore then?

I thought I was in the music forum and got briefly confused.

21-09-2005, 03:59:25
Hah hah...good reviews so far...but you watch too much tv.

21-09-2005, 13:53:24
I watch about 3 hours a day. When you have a 1 month old there is really nothing else you can do.

21-09-2005, 14:08:10

Still Standing - I actually like this show, but once again wait until the reruns to watch it. The dad in the show is a british guy who does a real convincing american accent, and the mom is hot. If nothing else looks good, tune in here.

Yes Dear - Can a hot wife, fat wife, and two stupid husbands share the same house? Yes. End of story. The only thing I like about this show is that Luther from Coach is one of their dads and he is a riot... when he is on.

One Tree Hill and Just Legal - both repeats! Why? Because Lost premiers tonight, and no one is stupid enough to go up against Lost.

CSI - Repeat! See above.

So You Think You Can Dance - not a premier, but still running. Will it ever end? The Horror, the horror!

Head Cases - Chris O'Donnel has a TV show? Is this going to be the next Murder She Wrote; where actors go to die?

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - I personally think that more ex-cons should be given TV shows. It did wonders for Tim Allen.

E-Ring - "Maj. Jim Tinewski must convince his superiors at the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the United States should risk war with China to rescue an American operative." Sounds like a snoozer to me. Dennis Hopper must be bored and Benjamin Bratt is probably wishing he never left Law and Order. Up against Lost this show doesn't appear to have much hope.

Lost - Oh yeah baby! Last season we learnt that they were actually on the Waterworld set and that when you are stranded on an island with a built in alarm system that make-up doesn't wash off! I'm certain millions will tune in to find out why the professor can make a radio out of coconuts but he can't fix a whole in a boat?!

I'll probably watch Hurricane Rita coverage on the Weather Channel... man how I love reruns!

21-09-2005, 14:52:27
Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
I thought I was in the music forum and got briefly confused.

Then my work here is done.

*swishes cape and vanishes*

21-09-2005, 15:02:43
nice cape btw

22-09-2005, 14:42:46

Not a good day for premiers, seems that once again a single premier has caused all other networks to stutter and fart, and wait until next week. Anyway...

Joey - Your favorite non-female character from Friends got his own show last season, and while everyone loved it I don't know anyone who watched it. Odd. Tonight he gets a roll in a movie. Yaaay, way to be creative.

The Apprentice - Martha Stewart's debut last night was funny but good. Everyone who has worked for her thinks she's a bitch, but everyone who currently works for her seems to love her. Odd. At least with Trump you know everyone hates the combover king, but we just love the endearing way he says, "You're Fired!"

ER - er, Stat! CC!! 1.21 Kilowats! Wait... who's left on this show? A gimp, a nurse, and Alan Alda? But the theme song is so catchy...

CSI: The Vegas One - actually going up against Trump? OMFG!? What am I going to do?! Tape! Stat!

Primetime - Your favorite News Magazine show, now complete with a snooze button; we call them commercials.

Other shows;

Smallville - luckily it's a repeat. thank god. The WB sucks!

Survivor: Guatemala -- The Maya Empire - Isn't it "The Mayan Empire, or is my grammar bad? This show is lame, and always has been. Survivor, billed as "the original" reality TV show when it began after 15 seasons of the Real World on MTV this show is lame, and I like Reality TV. If this were really survivor they would do a survivor Nigeria Revolution... now that would be kewl.

Dancing With The Stars - how is this a "sensations"? I'd watch Dancing On The Stars.

The O.C. - who watches FOX primetime soap operas like this? teens and 90210 has beens, that's who... and that's not me.

Reunion - another O.C., but with old ppl, and a boring name.

I'll probably watch The Sandlot on the Family Channel. It's an amuzing little movie about a group of boys who keep losing their baseballs to a dog in the backyard of Morgan Freeman... Oh, and Dennis Leary is in it, and he doesn't swear!

23-09-2005, 17:42:29
Fryday! Yeah it's Fryday!:

The Bernie Mac Show - Fox's token black guy has this show which I hear is good. I can't bring myself to watch it though. Why? You wouldn't understand... It's a white thing.

Killer Instinct - Should be called Law and Order: San Francisco.. I'm really sick of FOX

Supernanny - having just had my first kid I like this show, because it shows me how to torture my kid and get away with it.

Dateline - Rita coverage. If you haven't gotten enough already.

Three Wishes - another do good show where they go to a town and be nice and we can feel good... crap!

Inconceivable - Not what you think it is! I was hoping it was a spin off from the princes bride, but it is more a doctor torture show... still rather fun.

Ghost Whisperer - here's that show with that girl from Party of 5 who won't show us them titties. Probably crap.

Threshold - I like the premier last week. Kind of, but it has Data in it.

Numb3rs - l00k 47 m3 I'm 1337!

I'll probably watch CBS because I'll be to drunk to change the channel after spanking it to Mary Hart on ET.

27-09-2005, 19:03:41
Amazing Race is on tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
28-09-2005, 00:38:01
I suddenly realised why I don't watch any TV beyond Spongebob Squarepants any more. It's all crap.

28-09-2005, 18:59:22
They made those little black kids cry:lol: