View Full Version : Weezer - We are all on drugs

19-09-2005, 16:42:08
Amazing video! :lol:

This link contains a description and a link to the video:


19-09-2005, 16:48:18

19-09-2005, 16:51:00
The video is indeed awesome. They play it on music tv over here. It's probably the funniest video i've seen in years. Nikhil would love it.

19-09-2005, 16:53:29
Nikhil would probably prefer it still attached to the original song though...

19-09-2005, 16:56:22
guy i work with actually owns that grim reaper album, he recognised the grim reaper image as the album cover :eek:

he says the album is dreadful (that mght not come as a surprise)

Nills Lagerbaak
20-09-2005, 11:50:11
Ha ha ha! I do indeed love that video. How did I know there'd be an axe/scythe off?!

I wish I could here the song that goes with it (both the original and weezer track)

Apparantly someone from weezer used to be in a glam rock band....