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16-09-2005, 13:57:35
Another thread, another Adam

I got into Adam Green's music having been a fan of the Moldy Peaches. His first solo album is great and contains the same kind of foul-mouthed folky melodic weirdness as the peaches produced.

I heard his 2nd and third albums, 'Friends of mine' and 'Gemstones' were really good too so i bought them both recently.

I was gratified to find him use the abominable c word no less than 29 seconds into the first track, and it was only 5 tracks in before Nazis got a mention. 'No legs' was so crashingly un-pc that i had to stifle my laughter in the office.

Still, a typical mix of great melodies, bizarre concepts and warped lyrics.

'Good night to my new dead wife
Good night to my nazi friends
I'm standing on the tip of my stinking shit'

'She woke up on the highway
with arrows pointing at her face
later that day in gym class
she ate a mouthful of anthrax
go to sleep'

16-09-2005, 14:19:57
Tomorrow Adam Ant?

16-09-2005, 14:29:12
i never post on saturdays

16-09-2005, 15:19:40
Just heard from Alex Rebus that the other half of Moldy Peaches is playing at the RSAC next week (on Friday).

16-09-2005, 17:00:07
oh really? hmm might be worth a visit

Nills Lagerbaak
16-09-2005, 17:24:55
Well I'm going to see the mighty "A million Dead" play their last gig tonight. nah nah na na nah :p

PS. Who are the mouldy peaches?

16-09-2005, 17:48:05
Yeah, Kimya Dawson is at the RSAC next friday, though The Palestinians are playing a gig that day so she might have to cope with facing a smaller crowd than she's used to...