View Full Version : George de Souza is Leaving Forever

14-09-2005, 16:03:27

Lurker the Second
14-09-2005, 16:06:40
He'll be back.

14-09-2005, 16:25:40
Not this time. He's leaving.

Lurker the Second
14-09-2005, 16:29:44
They always come back.

Unless they don't.

14-09-2005, 16:30:34
amen, first rule of CG

14-09-2005, 16:32:31
I'm seriously considering leaving too now. It won't be the same without big GdS.

Gramercy Riffs
14-09-2005, 17:22:49
Did he make a gag about leaving because Mr Wenger has called him, asking him to play for Arsenal?

14-09-2005, 18:45:44
They don't really go they just decide to use new AEs.

29-09-2005, 14:33:52
When asked for advice on fatherhood by an expecting colleague.

GdS' words of wisdom?

"When the baby drops..............I'll tell you" before exploding into a fit of laughter.


17-10-2005, 11:20:12
Worrying news on the GdS front. :(

While operating a lawn mower at the weekend, he managed to lose a couple of fingers and toes. He'll be in surgery today so please send your thoughts to this great, great man.

I found out the other day that he can speak more than 20 languages, including 4 Ghanaian languages and Swahili.

Love you George

17-10-2005, 13:44:13
A heartless lack of best wishes.

While you don't know this great man, it would cost nothing to post a short message of support.

My faith in human nature and justice is more stretched than ever.

I mean, people only need to say they're hungry or that they haven't had a hotdog for 3 days to draw waves of pathetic CG sympathy. I pity those........ They're plight is greater than that of GdS.

17-10-2005, 14:04:45
Good luck GdS. I hope this finger injury doesn't mean you drop the baby.

17-10-2005, 14:27:49

Gramercy Riffs
17-10-2005, 15:52:31
I assumed you were joking....

17-10-2005, 15:55:22
I did too.

17-10-2005, 16:07:45
No, all true. Pretty horrific. And, for some reason, he declined to join our income protection scheme (paid for entirely by the company). And he's handed his notice in with no concrete plans for another job.

I was kinda joking with my attack on the lack of best wishes but its bad news. Don't know how he managed it. Toes AND fingers!!!

17-10-2005, 16:20:12

22-11-2005, 17:19:56
He never made it back. I think he strung it out a bit. I saw him last week and he's fine. Has now opened "Ink X-Press" on Oxford Road.

Just found out that his real name is not George at all but Francisco. He's full of surprises.

Also found out that he has a son called Felix. Now thats just the coolest name ever. Felix de Souza. Its too cool!! You've gotta be a pimp daddy with a name like that.