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07-09-2005, 14:27:35
Well that was shit!

So wrong in so many ways and an insult to my childhood memories...:bash:


09-09-2005, 15:11:03
I refuse to watch it on the basis that Jessica simpson is in it, and she completley ruined 'these boots are made for walkin'

Nills Lagerbaak
22-09-2005, 09:49:47
Just saw this (have no idea why!) and quite liked it. I couldn't remember a thing about the series, but it all came flooding back, and there were actually some good jokes in it.

I can't believe what a dumb as pig shit slut that jessica simpson is!? If I was her I would be embarrased on that perfomance alone...apparantly she had to go on a crash diet to lose wait to fit into those shorts and now she's anorexic!

22-09-2005, 10:28:16
There's some justice then.

Mr. Bas
22-09-2005, 15:01:36

A few days ago I read a rumour that Jessica Simpson had an IQ of 160. It was the most bizarre claim I've read for ages...

The Higgelhoff
22-09-2005, 16:07:23
Originally posted by alsieboo
I refuse to watch it on the basis that Jessica simpson is in it, and she completley ruined 'these boots are made for walkin'

I disagree! That video is amazing! :heart:

Mr. Bas
22-09-2005, 16:15:50
True, but the song isn't. Thank god for the mute button.

22-09-2005, 16:58:32
jessica simpson is thick, but her heart's in the right place. shell loves watching her reality documentary thing with JS and her husband.

yesterday they showed a bit where they were having dinner and her husband offered her some food.
JS 'what are those?'
husband 'Buffalo Wings'
JS 'Oh i don't eat buffalo'


Nills Lagerbaak
22-09-2005, 17:27:18
That's Spinal Tap-esque in it's stupidity. Quality.

I'd like to serve her Cock au Vin and see her reaction!

Actually she'd love my Cock au vin...

22-09-2005, 22:22:16
chicken thats been run over by a van?

23-09-2005, 13:01:16
I think it's Phil Mitchell's favourite dish

23-09-2005, 13:17:06
Originally posted by Beta1
chicken thats been run over by a van?


27-09-2005, 12:53:33
Jessica Simpson should be put down.

Her attempts at looking sexy in her new video are well......nothing more than attempts.

The Norks
27-09-2005, 13:11:58
you can hardly call her a slut, she was a (very public) virgin until she married Nick whatsit. She comes across as dumb as a brick but no one that famous can get very far without having some idea how to market themselves. I wonder how much of the dumb blonde image is an act and how much is also tongue in cheek.

27-09-2005, 13:15:23
Either way, the way she pimped herself out in this movie was totally degrading - one of the things I liked least about the movie was the way she played Daisy.

The Norks
27-09-2005, 18:33:23
I haven't seen it- I wasn't allowed to watch it as a child so there's little point starting now :D Ditto Charlie's Angels.

27-09-2005, 18:44:51

Not seen the Dukes as a kid - I'd sue for child cruelty!:eek:

The Norks
27-09-2005, 19:12:32
you wouldn't believe the list of 'adult' programmes I wasn't allowed to watch. Dallas and Dynasty are notable among them. My Mum was a bit weird like that.

28-09-2005, 06:24:38
one thing that is worse than Jessica Simpson..Ashley Simpson