View Full Version : 'My bass guitar gently weeps' by FunkyFingers

10-04-2002, 20:02:53
Aw. No. I've posted in the music forum! Must wipe myself clean! yuck!

Well the article is here: http://www.counterglow.net/article.php?id=jaydee enjoy!

Music articles wanted! send them to submissions@counterglow.net !! :)

11-04-2002, 08:22:31
We have a music forum? :D

11-04-2002, 09:16:29
20 bass players in a room! Someone could teach them what the D string is for. ;)

That might, for someone who's never seen one, seem like a bit of a fawning article but I'd say it was fair. Your bass is by far and a way the nicest guitar of any kind that I've played. The action on it is absolutely fantastic. It's perfect and the neck is very, very fast. I would love to get a guitar that well put together. One day maybe.

11-04-2002, 11:11:32
It probably is a bit of a fawning article, but there's something ultimately quite special about meeting the man who actually designed and built your guitar. I'm not sure there are many industries where that amount of personal hand-built expertise still remains?
20 bass players in one room though, ha! What a noise! I had a band practice a couple of weeks ago where both of the bands bass players turned up to the same reherasal, very strange sound that created!

11-04-2002, 11:17:05
I remember on TFI Friday they had 20 guitarists playing the same riff. That was cool.

11-04-2002, 11:57:07
the "der der di der der der" riff?

11-04-2002, 12:29:39
Smoke on the Water? :lol: I can't actually remember but possibly.