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30-08-2005, 18:45:33
had an IT guy stop by while I was out to lunch and install Frontpage 2003 for me - he didn't bother to let me know he was coming by ahead of time - when I left, I just ctrl-alt-del locked my computer. He got by that OK, he's an admin, and installed FrontPage just fine - but when I open the wordfile up I was working on...

...all the work I'd done on a wordfile this morning was gone.

I'm initially thinking this is no problem. It saves an autorecovery file every 10 min to a different folder - I go into Options, find the folder listed for autorecovery and double click it - cool, it linked me right to the folder from the Word options window - but the folder is frigging empty.:bash:

Now for the fun part - I right click on my C: drive and do a search for the file- seconds later, the autorecovery save of XXXX.doc comes up and its in EXACTLY THE SAME DAMN FOLDER I JUST LOOKED INTO THAT WAS EMPTY. c:/documents and settings/mylogin/application data/microsoft/word

I went back and checked just to make sure, before I got all righteous.

I double checked... it doesn't just bounce you to that folder, the window that pops up when you doubleclick the folder name in the options window allows you to browse for a folder (modify) you'd like to change the autosave location to. Files within the folder are not displayed. Makes perfect sense when you read the fine print.:nervous:


Anyhow, to prevent stupid people like me from flipping out and killing people, I propose placeing a direct link to the autorecovery folder somewhere in the Word menus. I can't find one, and the little autorecovery sidebar didn't pop up when I opened Word.

like when you click File, Open... (or just click the open icon) the window that pops up has a side bar with linking folders for My Documents, Desktop, etc. The autorecovery folder should be right there too.

30-08-2005, 19:32:16
that sucks, sorry.

I think if Word is closed normally (possibly force closed too) it deletes all the autorecovery files.

Now you really want an Autosave feature.


30-08-2005, 20:25:03
doesn't suck entirely, I only wasted 30 minutes recovering 3 hours of work.

Although I probably could have just retyped it from memory in the same time with less hassle.

Next time, Mr. Gates, you'll be MY bitch.

Sir Penguin
30-08-2005, 23:46:01
I'll pass your suggestion along to Bill.


01-09-2005, 18:39:33
Do you think you can ask him to make my proposed changes to Word, too?

Sir Penguin
01-09-2005, 21:04:24
No, he gets very angry when challenged. :(