View Full Version : WoW Collectable Card Game. Cards give in game benefits.

26-08-2005, 12:54:02
Fairly new news.


and a tidbit that cards will affect your in game character.


26-08-2005, 13:45:11
poor grammar in the second article, very hard to read

"emersion" *cringe*

26-08-2005, 14:57:14
Poor idea letting it give you bonuses in game - there will be an uproar....!

26-08-2005, 17:57:51
and I'm going to sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

They already have minidiablo for SE holders, although its a cosmetic/fun thing. Hopefully they'll take the card game in a similar direction.

I'm not prone to flipping out over a game (unless its late arriving in the mail), but do derive an odd kind of pleasure out of watching other people lose their minds.

28-08-2005, 06:01:31
Upper Deck Entertainment are a little bit... um... special, in the Trading Card development world.

From previous experience, expect lots of fun assembling $500 decks out of their insanely hard to get super rares if you want to be even vaguely competitive at real tournaments.

Their first real attempt at a balanced TCG - the Marvel/DC Vs. franchise was similarly borked towards extreme cost, quite aside from being a bit one dimensional and overly mathematical.

So the odds are pretty stacked against this being a good game, which is unfortunate given how many packs they could end up selling.