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Resource Consumer
22-08-2005, 10:24:11
The oddest bit of spam, I have received for quite a while....

We have various energy types for you to choose from. Gain quality goods for battery/quartz, automatic & winding, winding & mechanical or non-winding.

Swiss are good at creating delicate and elegant waatches. We excel in it.

Daydreaming is useless. Our Rollexes bring you the luxurious feeling.

Press Here to Learn More

Once she did contrive to push him away, but the boy had

death. A camel-driver came by, with his loaded camels and his black

Mary, resenting that she should be supposed not to know her own cousin

22-08-2005, 10:26:58
Link no worky...? ;)

22-08-2005, 10:57:29
I got that one this morning too

22-08-2005, 10:57:47
Why you read spam ?

22-08-2005, 11:32:34
Now we know how Aredhran is paying for his honeymoon.

22-08-2005, 11:39:42
Daydreaming is useless. You will be Rolexed.

22-08-2005, 13:14:44
Originally posted by Gary
Why you read spam ?

why you talk so?

you very funny man

me love you long time