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21-08-2005, 07:35:57
Hadn't posted anything in awhile..wrote this one tonight. You think the title is stupid? My forte has never been titles... anyway, thoughts? suggestions? criticism?

Sadness in the Cells

I sit in my metaphorical cell and sing the blues
Of an infinite number that sang the same tune before me.
But within these walls of grayed granite, my sadness knows only of myself.
It hears not the cries of those also in pain
Nor the echoing of a guard's crisp steps down the corridor.
It selfishly ignores the sunlight streaming through the barred window
And see only what it desires.
My only inmate and I pass hours away together in consciousness.
Our mutual loathing brings to light a rather parasitic relationship.
We gaze at one another in silence
Chests too burdened for audible speech.

"I know you." I say.
"I know you and everyone knows you.
You live in every cell and breathe the air
Of everyone in them."

"You cannot know that for I do not know that.
And I am you." It says simply.

"If you are me then you are everyone."

This implication does not bode well.
The air around me thins.

Can sadness feel fear?
Even if it cannot identify it.
Sadness, you see, has difficulty
Sensing the exterior world.
It would like to think itself special.

"But I am," it protests.

"No, no you are not.
You are no different than any other
Sadness that sits in a cell with its inmate and
Stares until their soul is starved dry."

No one else can feel what you feel."

I like the sound of this,
Unplausible a notion as it is.
Who wouldn't?
Through pain I am special?
Through emotional torment I perceive what others cannot?
Lovely idea
For all of its nonsensical human idealism.
Every single prisoner clings to this thought,
Knowing better.
In the far reaches of our minds we realize that
Suffering is universal.

My sadness smiles coyly.
"Maybe. But why do our insides scream and cry out
That no one understands?"

"Because like me, no one will stop and see
Beyond themselves, their own wants, needs, cravings."

"Then you are at an impasse with yourself."


I lay back on the single cot in my cell and stare at the ceiling.

Lazarus and the Gimp
21-08-2005, 17:27:34
It reminds me of the Suzanne Vega lyric "Solitude standing" in the way it ascribes a physical entity to an emotion. That's not a bad comparision, in my opinion.