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05-08-2005, 11:21:01
...thought i'd post these bits of trivia from IMDB because they're superb :D

Billy Redden (the boy with the banjo) did not know how to play banjo and was incapable of faking the playing sequence convincingly, and eventually another youngster was hidden behind his chair, with the sole task of providing the hand movements on the banjo.

The boy with the banjo liked Ronny Cox, and disliked Ned Beatty. When at the end of the dueling banjos scene, the script called for Billy to harden his expression towards Drew Ballinger, Cox's character, he was unable to fake dislike for Cox. To solve the problem, they got Beatty to step towards Billy at the close of the shot. As Beatty approached, Billy hardened his expression and looked away - exactly as intended.


When John Boorman was looking for an actor to play the toothless man, Burt Reynolds suggested 'Herbert Coward' who had no front teeth, stuttered, and was illiterate with whom he had worked in a Wild West show in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

When Burt Reynolds and John Boorman were explaining to 'Herbert Coward' that his role included raping a man; the toothless actor responded, "I've done worse."

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Credit where credit's due, plizz.

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