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Resource Consumer
03-08-2005, 12:01:43
Thinking of going to this at Olympia on Saturday for a couple of hours. I'll put on my false beard and beany hat.......

Anyone been or thinking of going?


03-08-2005, 12:05:25
funnily enough I've been getting e-mails from uni friends of mine for weeks about it. :)

Can't really afford it/be bothered though.

03-08-2005, 12:08:13
Couple of my work mates went last night and said it was pretty good

Resource Consumer
03-08-2005, 12:09:01
No John Otway this year I am told :(

03-08-2005, 12:39:14
my g/f will be going on Thursday. I've been for the past four years but can't this year because I'm on holiday for the next two weeks and can't take any more days off just now. :(:(:(:(

It's really great. Lots and lots of beer and also some pies. You can't beat that.

Last year there was also Chaz and Dave and we made one of them sign a piece of cheese for us.

03-08-2005, 13:56:19
Originally posted by Tizzy
Couple of my work mates went last night and said it was pretty good
One of my workmates went last night and isn't in today to report back, so that's probably a positive sign. :D

Provost Harrison
03-08-2005, 15:10:38
Sounds pretty cool, alas I am up in Hull this weekend visiting family...would be a great place for a CG meet ;)

Resource Consumer
03-08-2005, 15:19:56
you are all losers :p

03-08-2005, 15:26:30

Provost Harrison
03-08-2005, 15:46:28
Did you know that if a turkey looks up when it is raining, it will drown - FACT!