View Full Version : MS still losing money on Xbox

28-07-2005, 20:02:50

Not sure if this is just hardware loss leading or the whole Xbox empire. If the latter, so what? It could lose that much till the next Millennium and the Gates Foundation could keep paying the losses.

28-07-2005, 20:18:08
It's the hardware, they are getting screwed by some of their suppliers, mostly Nvidia.

That's also why they stopped Xbox production a while ago, and are selling off inventory.

Xbox 360 will become much cheaper overtime, faster than Xbox did because MS owns all the designs this time (CPU and GPU). They can integrate them, process-shrink them, etc. to save money.

28-07-2005, 20:18:54
Also note the losses have narrowed as software sales increase/Xbox Live subscriptions increase.

There's over 2 million XBL subscribers now.