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27-07-2005, 12:47:24
I'm leaving forever from Friday until August.

Provost Harrison
27-07-2005, 12:59:10
Again? Sheesh, cushy number you're onto there :p

27-07-2005, 12:59:29
First I thought.. you lucky bastard, the I realised August is only 5 days away...

where you going? :D

Provost Harrison
27-07-2005, 13:00:21
Doh! Just looked at the calendar and realised how close August is :p

Doesn't bleeding look like it going by the weather :(

27-07-2005, 13:08:02
Just to visit Tizzy. :D

27-07-2005, 13:08:23
It's a shit copycat. Move along.

27-07-2005, 13:11:00
You people are retarded.

Provost Harrison
27-07-2005, 13:12:42
Originally posted by Venom
You people are retarded.

And you are as lovely as the spring blossoms as ever ;)

27-07-2005, 13:36:46
does the Rafflesia blossom in spring indeed?

27-07-2005, 13:42:06
I think it blossoms pretty much any time of year inborneo.

27-07-2005, 17:02:51
And it can stay there too!:vom:

27-07-2005, 19:10:03
Can we pick WHICH August?

27-07-2005, 21:18:48
Just a few more days.

27-07-2005, 21:23:15
Awegust is my second favorite month

27-07-2005, 21:31:43
Mine are the spring time month of March followed by the skiing high season in February.

28-07-2005, 08:57:05
Originally posted by Japher
Awegust is my second favorite month
the first being awwwwwgust?

28-07-2005, 13:51:48
The first being jewel-eye!

Actually, I like Knowvember the best.

29-07-2005, 17:13:55
Right, I'm off in a minute. See you on Monday if I'm not blown up on the tube.

29-07-2005, 17:15:04
You are terrified, aren't you?

Nills Lagerbaak
29-07-2005, 17:15:35
See you mothers in August / hell.

29-07-2005, 17:16:14
Originally posted by Drekkus
You are terrified, aren't you?

I'm too tired to be terrified.

29-07-2005, 17:16:31
I breathe a sigh of relief everytime I get off one alive. So far that's been twice a day which is good.

29-07-2005, 17:19:14
you really should breathe more than twice a day.

29-07-2005, 17:19:18
I'm not really terrified. I figure the odds of being blown up are about the same as winning the lottery but I hope my journey isn't disrupted!!!

29-07-2005, 17:24:11
I worked out that at no time in my 24 years of living in London have I EVER been on any of those tubes at the times when those incidents occured - let alone the day in question...

I have also NEVER EVER been on a number 26 or number 30 bus - not that the fact that the destination being Hackney might have anything to do with it...:cute:

Just to put things into perspective.

29-07-2005, 17:26:27
Even if you are on a tube that blows up most of the passengers on each train survived. You'd have to be really unlucky. 3 million journeys on the tube a day and 50 people killed over the last 2 weeks... you're more likely to win the lottery!

29-07-2005, 17:34:42
ah but I havent bought a lottery ticket. :cry:

01-08-2005, 09:07:39
Ok I'm back.

01-08-2005, 09:49:03
and just in case, you know that old joke of the scientist afraid of boarding a plane with a bomb suicide on it...

he found out that, while the chance of finding ONE bomb on a plane was worringly high for his standards, the chance of having TWO bombs on the same plane at the same time was significantly irrelevant, so he took good care of ALWAYS bringing the first bomb himself...

01-08-2005, 09:53:23

01-08-2005, 10:02:50
is in italian the bomb itself suicidal? Bomba suicida or something?

01-08-2005, 14:58:57
That's actually a pretty funny joke from MoSe. That's got to be even rarer than being blown up by a terrorist.

01-08-2005, 15:08:53
Imagine winning the lotery then getting blown up by a terrorist. That would be tragic.

Gramercy Riffs
01-08-2005, 16:55:31
Or ironic, depending on who you listen to.

01-08-2005, 16:56:13
Is he back?

02-08-2005, 09:03:28
Originally posted by Gramercy Riffs
Or ironic, depending on who you listen to.

Ironic would be winning the lottery and getting blown up by a terrorist when you were already late.

02-08-2005, 09:16:22
That's a little bit toooo ironic.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
02-08-2005, 09:24:02
Originally posted by Funko
Ironic would be winning the lottery and getting blown up by a terrorist when you were already late.

Ironic would be winning the lottery and getting blown up by a terrorist with a spoon when you were already late for the needed knife.

02-08-2005, 09:29:33
Ironic would be being blown up for saying spoon because someone thought it was a swear word. It's doubly ironic because firstly it's not a swear word but actually you meant spork anyway.

02-08-2005, 11:09:16
Ironically, in italian

spork joke ~> dirty play

02-08-2005, 11:11:21
sporco porco - dirty pork