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22-07-2005, 14:57:57
Anyone catch this last night?

I thought it was a bit tired. Gervais hasn't entirely recreated David Brent but the similarities are striking. Like "Oh, he's put his foot in it again", "I can't believe he just said that" and so on. The shock factor has gone. It recreates that slightly uncomfortable feeling in places and in some respects, is much darker than The Office (last nights episode anyway). You find yourself siding with Andy Millman (Gervais) slightly more than you would with Brent. He's not so instantly dislikeable and often took the moral high ground in dialogue with his female friend (who also has a knack of saying the wrong thing). :o :sleep:

It could be argued that Ben Stiller was the best thing in it.

Its was kinda funny, and almost exactly what I expected, but that was the problem. It held no surprises.

Gramercy Riffs
22-07-2005, 15:01:20
I always get the impression that Ricky Gervais isnt really acting too much when he plays David Brent......

22-07-2005, 15:11:30
Yeah, agreed. Watching Extras isn't likely to change your opinion.

22-07-2005, 15:21:55
His stand-up shows are identical too.

Didn't see Extras (funnily enough), is it due to be repeated any time soon?

22-07-2005, 15:29:51
I'm sure it will be repeated soon.

Do I look like a copy of the Radio Times? ;)

Immortal Wombat
22-07-2005, 15:32:01
I only saw the last half of it. Millman is funnier than Brent was, from what I saw, but there is that same slightly desperate awkwardness about him. And almost identical mannerisms. If there was a larger sitcom style cast then it probably wouldn't matter so much.

Worth seeing how it develops, probably.