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21-07-2005, 13:38:48
Just heard


Emergency services have been called to three Tube stations after "incidents", Scotland Yard said.

Police confirmed they had been called to Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd's Bush stations.

There have been reports of smoke coming from two of the stations and all three have been evacuated.

The whole of the Northern Line has been suspended, along with the Victoria Line and the Hammersmith and City. There are no reports of any casualties.

Police also confirmed that emergency service personnel have responded to reports of an incident on a route 26 bus in Hackney Road.

A spokesman for London Underground said the nature of the incidents was unknown.

One hospital, near Warren St station, has started its emergency plan.

Sosiane Mohellavi, 35, was travelling from Oxford Circus to Walthamstow when she was evacuated from a train at Warren Street.

"I was in the carriage and we smelt smoke - it was like something was burning.

"Everyone was panicked and people were screaming. We had to pull the alarm. I am still shaking."

But a BBC reporter outside Warren St station said there was no sign of smoke outside.

Let's hope it's just a false alarm.

21-07-2005, 13:40:07
Smelt smoke ? If that's a bomb it's a real dud.

Still better a dozen over-reactions than one premature dismissal.

21-07-2005, 13:42:00

Radio says.

"Has been an explosion on the london underground" report came from a police officer, but from a low ranking officer - possibly off the record.

21-07-2005, 13:44:51
Sky's take on it (http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1189833,00.html)

"The man who was holding the rucksack looked extremely dismayed.
And ITN's (http://www.itn.co.uk/news/820917.html)

21-07-2005, 13:54:55
Dummy explosions using detonators only have sparked the evacuation of three Tube stations and the closure of three lines, a BBC correspondent has said.

21-07-2005, 13:59:19
Damn, was just about to post that exact phrase.

What a weird type of "dummy run" ! (literally)

21-07-2005, 14:08:19
One of the incidents was a man throwing a big bag on to the tube, then a small explosion possibly a detonator and then the guy ran off. Sniffer dogs are amongst the crowds trying to find him.

In the bus incident a similar small explosion and now nobody is going anywhere near the bus.

The theory at the moment is that they are badly made bombs and only the pre-charge worked.

21-07-2005, 14:14:49
from the bbc

"At Shepherd's Bush station, police told reporters that a man had threatened to blow himself up and then ran off."

You just don't get the same calibre of suicide bomber as you used to

21-07-2005, 14:20:29
People in chemical suits entering the tube station.

Armed police surrounding UCL hospital. Presumably a suspect is in there.

21-07-2005, 14:25:30
I knew something like this would happen one day.

21-07-2005, 14:30:46
reading tea leaves is an underestimated art

21-07-2005, 14:40:56
Reports of police chasing a suspected bomber down the road.

I wonder if he will "accidentally fall down the stairs" when they get hold of him?

21-07-2005, 14:47:27
Probably gonna be some sick copycat bombers. Throw em down the stairs. Twice.

The Norks
21-07-2005, 15:32:01

21-07-2005, 15:47:40
Nonsense.go.on.twice.tonight.just.to.make.sure.you 've.not.developed.any.phobia.

The Norks
21-07-2005, 15:51:53

bloddy hell there's some pretty explicit footage knocking around on BBC 24- you see them capturing the suspect and leading him off. Big machine guns, etc, right next to Downing St

21-07-2005, 16:43:01
So what is this, student joke, warning signal, or second rate terrorists?

The Norks
21-07-2005, 16:46:29
they reckon they only had detonators and no explosives, so there's a lot of noise and smoke- windows on bus blew out, but no real harm to life. There was only one casualty. The other thing is that they may have had bombs but made them badly so they didnt go off.

The guy that I saw led away was Asian, wearing black, had a rucksack, but he seemed pretty compliant. Its all a bit weird really.

Blair was very calming and didnt seem upset like he did before. He's looking rather portly too. Hm.

21-07-2005, 16:49:13
Apparently the bombs went off and everyone around was coated in acetone peroxide dust. That is an easily home made high explosive.

One of the bomber supposedly shouted an expletive when he realised he wasn't dead. Then he ran off.

21-07-2005, 16:52:06


The Norks
21-07-2005, 16:54:31
Originally posted by protein
Apparently the bombs went off and everyone around was coated in acetone peroxide dust. That is an easily home made high explosive.

One of the bomber supposedly shouted an expletive when he realised he wasn't dead. Then he ran off.

No virgins for him.

21-07-2005, 16:56:34
That's what I was thinking.

The Norks
21-07-2005, 17:00:52
although he'll probably get a good fuck in prison

21-07-2005, 17:36:54
In which case he might be the virgin ;)

21-07-2005, 17:49:46
Not for long.

Lurker the Second
21-07-2005, 18:34:24
That's such a shame, isn't it.

21-07-2005, 18:52:15
"DAMN IT! I thought you put the explosives in, Abdul!"

Provost Harrison
21-07-2005, 18:54:31
If he is going to be fucked, they should use a powerdrill as a dildo...

The Norks
21-07-2005, 19:48:02
Allah has smote my bomb! Aieeeee!

21-07-2005, 20:14:59
Almost every tube line was down this evening so I had to walk from Tottenham Court road tube to Euston, via a temporarily pedestrianised Tottenham Court Road.


Dyl Ulenspiegel
22-07-2005, 09:22:55
Nice line there.

22-07-2005, 11:20:23
Man shot on tube..


This is probably what cause me having to walk halfway to work..

22-07-2005, 11:29:43

They hinted at plain clothed police and SAS/special forces on all the main London stations on TV yesterday.

Since they sat on top of this guy and executed him by shooting him five times, one would have thought it was MI5 of SAS officers rather than the police.

22-07-2005, 11:58:49
doesnt sound very police like does it.

At least not very met police like.

22-07-2005, 12:16:34
Shooting him while they're on top of him is not really standard procedure, is it?

22-07-2005, 12:28:52
Unless he was threatening to blow himself up I guess if he had bomb belt.

22-07-2005, 12:35:35
Sky news says the police will shoot any suspected suicide bomber:


22-07-2005, 12:37:13

22-07-2005, 12:42:39
It appears they gave the guy a chance, but he tried to get onto the tube system anyway.

22-07-2005, 12:48:30
Fucking fare dodgers ruining the transport network for everyone else. Shoot them all I say. 5 times. In the face.

22-07-2005, 13:02:42
I hope he wasn't a fare dodger. Reports are that a man in a thick coat jumped the barrier towards the train and then met his sticky end.

22-07-2005, 13:09:53
Nothing teaches a lesson like 5 gunshots to the face.

22-07-2005, 13:38:32
What happened to the good old neckshot?

22-07-2005, 13:54:47
What ? Pearl necklace ?

22-07-2005, 14:13:42
Originally posted by Dyl Ulenspiegel
Nice line there.

I see the man in charge of painting those lines has been drinking again. ;)

Dyl Ulenspiegel
22-07-2005, 14:31:11
Makes driving more fun.

22-07-2005, 14:34:29
I wish I was a bike seller in London right now.

22-07-2005, 14:39:19
You wish you were anybody but you.

22-07-2005, 14:53:51
That should be the CG slogan.

22-07-2005, 15:05:22
Originally posted by Venom
You wish you were anybody but you. That's a great songtitle. And so true!

22-07-2005, 15:16:20
Great. Now Muf or some equally crappy band will steal that and make millons from it.

22-07-2005, 15:22:18
And then we'll sue them for even more for stealing our idea, making us rich and them bankrupt!

22-07-2005, 15:24:01
What do you mean us?

22-07-2005, 15:31:07
Your line, my songtitle idea.

22-07-2005, 15:40:20
So you're one of those people huh?

22-07-2005, 15:54:03
one of those people who spots those accidental rough diamonts and give them a chance to shine.

22-07-2005, 15:55:40
Please. I'm genius.

22-07-2005, 16:06:15
Oh please, geniusly fat and lazy.

22-07-2005, 16:10:19
And yet still genius.

22-07-2005, 19:53:22
You all better hope i'm in an explosion. I'm there in around 6 days.

26-07-2005, 09:40:30
We got to the airport in Budapest and had to stand at passport control for AGES because everyone from London had to get their passports scanned "because of the attacks". Which we thought was weird 'cause they were a week or so ago, didn't know there'd been new ones...

26-07-2005, 10:00:25
Lots o shit you didn't know, and prolly don't want to know, and enjoy your trip.

26-07-2005, 10:30:18
I'm back now. :(

But we had CNN in the apartment so we caught up with the news.

Don't mention the cricket!

26-07-2005, 10:42:48
What happened with the cricket?

26-07-2005, 13:07:58
England lost!:p

26-07-2005, 13:12:33
Oh NO!!! Again??!!

26-07-2005, 13:30:40
It was the rain's fault.