View Full Version : Word accusation

Scabrous Birdseed
21-07-2005, 11:41:23
"Bordering" eats squirrels!

21-07-2005, 11:52:05
"Mobile" rapes woman!

Scabrous Birdseed
21-07-2005, 12:02:42
"Hastened" conspired with anti-semitic conservative forces in France to convict and deport Jewish army officer Alfred Dreyfus, who in actual fact was innocent of the charges of espionage against him!

21-07-2005, 12:09:45
"Luncheon" has HIV.

21-07-2005, 12:13:06
"rhododendron" executed many thousands in the 14th century.

Immortal Wombat
21-07-2005, 12:48:07
"Fastidious" is contributing the the rise in violent crimes in Hunstanton

21-07-2005, 13:33:56
"alopecia" is a heroin addict.

Mr. Bas
21-07-2005, 14:27:19
"quenching" cheats on his wife!

Immortal Wombat
21-07-2005, 17:34:15
"doctrinaire" is racist, and frequently makes substantial donations to right-wing authoritarian political parties.