View Full Version : City of Villians, EQ2 Desert of Flames, and Vanguard betas begin this week or next

20-07-2005, 02:55:08
If you have an EQ2 account and want to test it, apply now.

If you have a COH account apply now. However, COV is a stand alone game, so you can apply for beta without owning or playing COH.

Vanguard friends and family beta has started, now is the time to register on their forums if you want to get in for the full tests.

Big 2 weeks for MMOs. Too bad I leave again till the 6th with only a shit laptop on Thursday.

20-07-2005, 03:40:39

And :(

20-07-2005, 16:45:58
hmm may give cov a go, but if it has the same painful grind as coh i won't be able to see any longevity in it

20-07-2005, 20:43:35
Well Cov is adding Dungeonmaster style gameplay as well.

You get to build your own bases and Hero players raid you, or the other way around.

Plus COH added PVP already and COV, while being a complete stand alone game, will also share several zones with COH, and they will be PVP. take missions to commit horrible crimes and see if the heroes cna stop you.