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The Norks
18-07-2005, 15:22:46

seems a bit gay if you ask me. Its not like there's shroom junkies banging up on street corners or shroom gangstas starting gangland warfare. Usually just some spaced out kids in a tent in Wales having a laugh and being sick *shrug*

18-07-2005, 15:42:04

18-07-2005, 15:43:37
you mean toadstools?

18-07-2005, 15:48:35
That'll raise the price.
Best grow your own then.

18-07-2005, 16:23:15
They will still be available. There was a bit of a mushroom renaissance recently so lots of people in the uk have exotic south american and thai spores and growing equipment.

I bet I could get hold of mushrooms at a stall at this year's reading fest.

Which reminds me, I must ask for a backstage pass...

18-07-2005, 16:26:22

Lazarus and the Gimp
18-07-2005, 19:16:39
It's idiocy. Magic mushrooms are a gentle and fairly harmless type of hallucinogen, and they're now illegal. Meanwhile Fly Agaric which is an evil and dangerous bugger remains totally legal.

18-07-2005, 22:13:59
So what? When they weren't legal it didn't stop me harvesting.

Lazarus and the Gimp
18-07-2005, 22:16:12
They were always legal in their raw state.

18-07-2005, 22:17:14
Yeah, but tea is much better than raw. Especially after roasting.

The Norks
19-07-2005, 01:24:49
I dont see how they can enforce this law tbh. Obviously selling will be illegal but people can just pick them.

I dont really see why they are seeking to criminalise it when they are decriminalising cannabis

19-07-2005, 03:20:35
A disclaimer: I think people who want to get stoned on mushrooms are idiots, they give respectable food mushroom hunters like me a bad name.

Over here, possession of mushrooms which are hallucinogens is illegal, dried or not. But they grow everwhere and it is a law that is enforced about as often as pot possession. Dealing is more serious.

Liberty caps are common, but are work to find; they are a small mushroom that grow in tall grass. But they are [according to the literature] relatively safe.

As Laz pointed out, amanitas including the Amanita Muscaria can mess you up big time. These are the ones that are easy to spot and unfortunately make up the bulk of the local black market. Mostly Amanita Patherina. Some amanitas are safe but typically in my region the ones that are hallucinagenic are also toxic. The toxin is wildly variable, even a single chunk of an Amanita ocreata can kill.

The bulk of North American mushroom posionings are from amanitas, presumably from people trying to get high, rather than those looking for dinner. But passing a law over there doesn't do much. Stupid people will go out and endanger their health regardless of the law. Maybe even moreso, because some people seem to get a thrill out of doing stuff that is mildly illegal.

[Edit: sorry for the long and irritable post; but I get this stigma for being a mushroom hunter, which gets annoying at times.]

19-07-2005, 05:47:18
The reason I won't go wild mushroom hunting is because I'm always reading in the paper about so and so eatting wild mushrooms and dying. Supposed experts still cock things up and croak.

Lazarus and the Gimp
19-07-2005, 17:07:28
There is a safe way to take Fly Agaric without fear of death. Persuade someone else to eat it, then a couple of hours later drink their piss. The hallucinogens pass through the kidneys almost unscathed, while the toxins are filtered out.

Nills Lagerbaak
19-07-2005, 17:25:27
I went for a lovely stroll through the country about two weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when I founf the ground littered with lovely liberty caps!

Sadly my mum or sister didn't have a bag to stow them in, so I was limited to what I could carry in my hands.

My mum told me don't eat them, they're all sorts of poisenous ones out here. I didn't have the heart to tell her what they do.

19-07-2005, 17:26:32

Lazarus and the Gimp
19-07-2005, 17:30:11
That's unusual- they don't tend to start appearing until late September.

19-07-2005, 18:21:36
they taste better now they're illegal

Nills Lagerbaak
20-07-2005, 08:16:21
Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
That's unusual- they don't tend to start appearing until late September.

I know, that was why I was so amazed. Guess it's to do with that bit of torential rain we had.

And yes, yes they do taste better now they're illegal, but nothing tastes as good as getting high of your own "recently picked" supply.