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15-07-2005, 16:20:31
Given that when I get to Copenhagen I'm going to be travelling lots, I feel the need to read e-books and listen to mp3s to while away the time.

If so, what do you recommend for doing the job.

I had kind of thought something palm like and ipod like but I'm more than willing to be persuded to get something better for the money.


15-07-2005, 16:49:37
ipod or ipod mini should do well for music

15-07-2005, 16:50:34
darkstar would be a good one to ask about palm-type stuff for ebooks, he seems to have used a lot of them.

15-07-2005, 16:55:33
MDA - DS seems to be MIA

15-07-2005, 17:48:12
Don't get an iPod or an iPod mini, their battery life is still rubbish and they're still expensive compared to most competitors... I'd go for a Creative Zen instead.

15-07-2005, 18:09:18
Yes, I was looking in dixon today and they seem to have better battery life and compression. Also its less wanky.

I'd like to point out I won't actually buy it in dixons because of the inflated prices...

15-07-2005, 18:11:53
I don't mean the actual battery-life-off-one-charge battey life, I mean the actual battery dying after about 18 months/2yrs, and being pretty expensive to repair/replace.

15-07-2005, 18:15:57
Oh right. I had heard something about that. Thanks.

19-07-2005, 12:45:07
bump for more advice...

19-07-2005, 12:53:26
I'm going to refrain - Darkstar is gone and my recommendations were bad. :)

19-07-2005, 13:04:53
DS is probably stuck with all the shuttle shit.

19-07-2005, 18:25:18
Whats wrong with your recommendations MDA?

20-07-2005, 12:26:33
"their battery life is still rubbish and they're still expensive"

two things I was not aware of :)

although I do have a friend that claims she got her ipod for about half price

Nills Lagerbaak
20-07-2005, 14:46:00
Yeah, creative Zen extra. IT's wicked


good price too.

20-07-2005, 15:29:53
What about something like this?


70.99 inc VAT

Nills Lagerbaak
20-07-2005, 19:39:29
The creative zen has 40X the memory!! Still 1Gb should suffice.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
20-07-2005, 21:33:31
This won't help you while away the time, but it will help with the traveling...


The Mad Monk
26-07-2005, 18:30:47
Originally posted by Nills Lagerbaak
The creative zen has 40X the memory!! Still 1Gb should suffice.

You would think so, but after loading up my 1.5 gig Rio Nitrus, I find myself wishing I had bought one with a lot more memory.

Sir Penguin
13-08-2005, 05:53:10
I've been looking into PDAs a bit. I've got my eye on the Palm Tungsten E2. It's well out of my price range (even as a mid-range business system, it's almost C$350 after tax), but in a couple weeks I'll be loaded, so that's ignorable.

As far as I know, the only useful features it's missing out of the box is 802.11g wireless (a wireless attachment is available) and lots of storage (it's got just 32MB of non-volatile RAM, but it has an MMC/SD/SDIO memory card slot). I've never used a PDA before, but from what I can tell, PalmOS is nicer than the MS system on HP units, and comes with most of the important software. It's missing a free finance program.


15-08-2005, 05:39:49
Originally posted by Sir Penguin
I've never used a PDA before, but from what I can tell, PalmOS is nicer than the MS system on HP units, and comes with most of the important software. It's missing a free finance program.
I have a PocketPC, and to be honest, I prefer it over PalmOS. I do know that PalmOS has been pretty rock solid and simple to use for the past few years, but PocketPC has come a long way and is easier to integrate and sync with a Windows-based PC. In fact, from what I recently heard, the next Treo is going to use Microsoft software instead of PalmOS, which is a kick in the balls.

Also, I really recommend having built-in Wifi on your handheld. I have a Toshiba e335, and though I sync it up with my computer and download the latest news articles and send/receive emails when hooked up, it would be a lot easier if it had direct access to the networks without having to buy a separate add-on.

I have a link to a really great informative site at my apartment. Send me a PM on SE reminding me to send it to you.

Sir Penguin
15-08-2005, 14:23:47
Mostly, I wasn't impressed with the PocketPC screenshots. They looked more like what I'd expect from Windows than what I'd expect from a PDA. I don't want my PDA to be like a desktop, I want it to be for notes, scheduling, and that sort of thing. And I'm told that PalmOS has more free software. :D

I definitely do not miss Wi-Fi. I probably would love it once I used it, but considering what I plan on using the device for, it's a bonus, not a requirement. The only place I would use it would be in the engineering building at school, and, well, there are labs just upstairs.


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
16-08-2005, 21:18:24
I've used both, I prefer PocketPC. And that after being forced to move from PalmOS (whre I had a totally cool setup and tons of free stuff instslled) to PocketPC (which was different, required a new learning curve to be navigated, and has crap all good free stuff).

It does look very Windows desktop-ish, and you can navigate the foler hierarchy much like a Windows C drive. But it's not reall all that desktop-y for all that - still feels like a PDA.

The one I currently have (and have been told by management to look for a replacement for) is also a cellphone, so to have two devices integrated is great. Bulky for a phone, it's about right for a PDA, so I'm good with that. The only upgrade I'll consider is another PocketPC device, since I've used the curent generation of PalmOS and it feels like something dragged against it's will out of the 90's. Ick.

Sir Penguin
16-08-2005, 23:08:02
Where did you get all your free stuff? :cute:


The Mad Monk
21-08-2005, 17:03:36
SP, check the customer writeups at Amazon on the Palm devices -- last time I checked, some kind of severe power problem appeared to be afflicting them . It scared me off buying one at the time.

Sir Penguin
22-08-2005, 00:02:29
It's too late now, but I'm beginning to think PocketPC would have been a better choice. It has better integration with Microsoft products, and it has the .NET Compact framework for targeting with C# in Visual Studio (instead of C/C++ in Palm's version of Eclipse). And there's a PocketPC port of Angband, and nothing but i{Rogue, Nethack, Moria} for PalmOS (although I'm loving iRogue, despite it having "updates" from uRogue).

If I ruled the world, all PDAs would have PalmOS, and Microsoft would support it instead of having their own PDA OS (and there'd be a Zangband 2.4 port for it, oh, and everyone could have a pony if they wanted).


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
22-08-2005, 16:27:44
Angband for PocketPC bites. The UI is bad.

Oh, and I told you so :D Though not perhaps in the detail you required. Next time, just trust my overall impressions, hmmm? :D

Sir Penguin
22-08-2005, 23:50:46
You were too late, and I still prefer PalmOS as an operating system. :p


24-08-2005, 23:11:13
At least now you will remember to do your homework before making a purchase!

Sir Penguin
25-08-2005, 01:09:01
Probably not, but now I know to order things online so that I have time to cancel the order.