View Full Version : The Baltimore Aerials

Mr. Bas
15-07-2005, 15:17:53

Surely, this must be more interesting than that football thread. Or was it baseball? Well, whatever, here's to another 3000-post thread. :beer:

15-07-2005, 15:22:30

Lurker the Second
15-07-2005, 15:25:38
This is why I love this place. You lot don't know shit from shinola. That thread is pure quality.

Mr. Bas
15-07-2005, 15:31:05
It can't be. It's a lurker thread, it's about some american sport no one in his right mind gives a toss about, and well, it's a lurker thread. So I'll just stick to posting here instead.

Mr. Bas
15-07-2005, 15:33:01
It's baseball apparently. At least it's not as bad as American football, but it's still shit.