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05-04-2002, 16:50:32
So, I am not feeling well and decide to carry on with my Atalanta game in CM 01/02. Having qualified for the Inter-Toto Cup due to an almighty balls-up with my last six games, I get knocked out by Hertha Berlin. OK, this isn’t good, but I have assembled a squad over the years that is capable of challenging for the title and has several extremely promising youngsters.

I beat Milan, runaway winners last year, 3-2 in the first game, and they had Mendieta and Vieira in midfield. Hasselbaink (a player/coach), van der Gun, and Vasilyuk scored. All my signings over the years.

So I get sacked! WTF? I think, I have had enough of this top-level management, the board weren’t even able to expand the stadium, I will go to a small club. Dunfermline are looking for a new manager.

So here I am, the manager with the second-best reputation in Scotland (ahead of Sven and Kenny, behind Curbs), and I am managing a team with literally no money that are second from bottom. Woo-bloody-hoo.

05-04-2002, 17:18:07
Ha, ha! You got fired!

05-04-2002, 17:22:05
BTW, Atalanta are now 7th and have sold the defender I had worked so hard to bring to the club. He is starring for Lazio now :bash:.

05-04-2002, 17:24:41
That's what they get for firing the greatest manager they ever had.

05-04-2002, 17:27:18
We were going to win the league. I had a strong squad, 15m of money in the kitty just in case, and I had played numerous friendlies to get the squad used to playing in my new formation.

Now, I have to save Dunfermline from relegation! With no money at all :(.

05-04-2002, 17:30:23
Apparently the ownership didn't agree with the direction you were taking the club.

05-04-2002, 17:32:58
Just wait till Man Utd get tired of you. Just you wait.

05-04-2002, 17:34:36
NEVER! I am the greatest manger ever! I'm on my way to the treble. Though when I fail to get that next year they'll be angry.

10-04-2002, 15:54:58
Now in my seventh season with Fiorentina -
so far Roma have won four of the titles and i have taken two
but seven points clear and with five games remaining i'm confident of a third championship soon.

Tried a bit of dual management and took over the reins of France but it was unbelievably annoying and i resigned after i had qualified them for euro 2008 (via the playoffs!).

It's been such a pleasure playing enough seasons to watch the young players develop and come through, and to build up a proper decent world reputation.

Still haven't won the European cup (Barceloan and Roma carving it up between them mostly) and my major goals are to bag this baby and to finally expand the stadium (2 years in a row now the local council has denied planning permission!)

10-04-2002, 16:35:50
I think some stadiums cannot be expanded. My Atalanta one couldn’t, even when we were 50m+ in the black.

Anyway, saved Dunfermline from relegation and hopped over to Dundde Utd, promptly bought some of the youngsters I knew from Atalanta and beat Celtic. I will manage a big club yet.

In another game, I am Valencia. Great first team, terrible defensive cover, no coaches, massive stadium, plenty of cash, and a rock-solid defence.

10-04-2002, 19:04:20
What is this game you are speaking of? NASCAR?

10-04-2002, 21:07:33
Championship Manager.

11-04-2002, 02:13:22
Is that the one with the fairies, short-shorts and shin guards?

11-04-2002, 09:17:21
*sigh* Yes.

11-04-2002, 11:59:03
That could have been a really massive massive 100-nil, but I think you got away with it

11-04-2002, 12:05:39
i issued an ultimatum to the board over the stadium expansion and they still wouldn't do it, but the fans came out in support of me and said they expected the board to do better

so i issued another ultimatum (once again the fans came out in support) and this time the board responded with 'a tersely worded fax' agreeing to invest money in the stadium

shit, looks like i'm at war with the board :smoke:

11-04-2002, 16:25:13
I went to war with the Dunfermline board. I raised 300k from transfers and they wouldn’t let me spend any!

Glad Dundee Utd gave me 6m :).

Resource Consumer
13-04-2002, 00:05:44
I am inches away from the premiership with Woking (taken about 10 years, mind you). In spite of two attempts, sanctioned by the board, the bloody local council will not let me expand the stadium.

premiership on a 6000 stadium anyone?

Hey, I have a good side - Europe will sure be a laff.:D