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30-06-2005, 20:11:00
I don't know. One minute it's SLI owners defending their system's über properties, the next ATI have dropped a clanger with their new Crossfire chipset.

It's the latest development, and the promises and expectations were high. Unfortunately it looks like it's not going to permit as clear an upgrade path as possible.

Here's the original deal - you could upgrade to a Xfire motherboard from an existing motheboard, and still use your existing PCI-E ATI X800 graphics card and better, and it would work fine hammering out 3D graphics faster than ever before.

Unforunately, things are not that simple. What kind of graphics card you have now determines what new Xfire card to go with it - which means if you went for cheap before, you have to go more expensive now.



No longer Trippin
01-07-2005, 22:15:55
I'd personally wait and see how the R520 pans out. Then grab the better of the two if your really itching for performance, SLi and Crossfire are a waste of money. Next generation seems to beat SLi setups for the most part if you look at features and cost and compatibility.

Toms hardware - you need to stop reading trash.

02-07-2005, 02:12:27
Normally I wouldn't. When I see the word "update" on a story I like to investigate.

02-07-2005, 03:25:46
The main difference between SLI and Crossfire is SLI requires Nvidia to make "game profiles" for any games to support SLI...

Crossfire "just works".

No longer Trippin
02-07-2005, 22:17:57
Nvidia has hinted (via INQ, so there goes any validity) that they will take profiles out or make them automatic soon. If there is no profile, it defaults to AFR. That still doesn't resolve the problems like CoR, NFSU 2, or if your an MMORGer, Everquest 2 running. They can't. Quite a few others can't, but those are the bigger titles that popped into my head.

As for ATi it works, either everything works with multi-tiling or AFR on the direct X side - which means all OGL titles run AFR no problem (CoR can't run it on nvidia's side in ANY more, SMR, AFR, AFR2) going by nvidia's statement as OGL can't run in multitiled mode going by ATIs. So either ATi has a vastly different way of doing this, or they are lying. Either way, it is a gimmick, wait a year and you'll have the same performance as an SLi system with more eyecandy in a one slot.