View Full Version : Pun competition

30-06-2005, 12:35:46

Create a pun newspaper headline about this story: "U2 star Bono is suing the band's former stylist to get back his Stetson hat and other memorabilia"

30-06-2005, 12:40:13
All efforts posted on that BBC page yesterday were shite. Can CG do better?

30-06-2005, 12:42:49
Jeez, some of their efforts are terrible....!

30-06-2005, 12:44:49
It's not a very easy one, to be honest. Perhaps some reference to a pro bono lawsuit? Can't think of a way to make it funny, atm.

Provost Harrison
30-06-2005, 12:48:08
A bono-fide lawsuit?

30-06-2005, 12:53:09
That's more like it. Take the hyphen out and it'd be even better.
A "pro bono bono fide lawsuit" includes two puns, and what's more they're both in Latin which makes you look clevver.

The Higgelhoff
30-06-2005, 12:54:39
Bono! I want hat back!

God ignore that it's fuckin' awful.