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24-06-2005, 11:55:20
Does anyone want 2 tickets to see New Order/The Bravery/Graham Coxon etc in Hyde Park tonight?

25 the pair (worth 35 each)

Obviously anyone not in Reading is equally as welcome to the tickets, but they'd have to come get them...

24-06-2005, 14:15:43
sorry not for me mate, what happened, why the cancellation?

24-06-2005, 14:48:29
Was going with Naomi, but she's not well. :(

The Norks
24-06-2005, 14:49:00
why dont you go alone and sell the other ticket on the door?

24-06-2005, 15:01:36
I was only going 'cos she wanted to. I'm really not that bothered. Plus it'll probably rain.

24-06-2005, 15:20:14
You're not really selling it there are you?

I'm too knackered to trek into London tonight. Going back to see Patti Smith tomorrow as well. I think one mission to London is enough for one weekend.

And it'll probably rain.

The Norks
24-06-2005, 15:28:19
throw them in the bin?

24-06-2005, 15:28:50
Stick 'em on berkshire live

The Norks
24-06-2005, 15:30:41
use them to jimmy the lock into someone's flat, and steal goods to the value of the tickets?

24-06-2005, 15:31:07
It's too late now, it starts at 4. Doesn't matter.

Provost Harrison
24-06-2005, 15:46:45
I will be in Central London this evening, but alas, nowhere near Reading whatsoever :p

24-06-2005, 15:51:43
Thanks for your input.

24-06-2005, 15:55:08
Need input

Provost Harrison
24-06-2005, 16:02:54
Shut it Johnny 5 :p

24-06-2005, 16:05:45
PHd'd by the master!

Provost Harrison
24-06-2005, 16:08:20
Well it's only a PHd if you know the film 'Short Circuit'...

Drat, PHd again :D

25-06-2005, 16:44:06
Originally posted by Debaser
Plus it'll probably rain. in England?

No longer Trippin
25-06-2005, 16:54:01
Unless the Bravery is a local band up there, they are one coming down for Voodoo Fest. Sounds a lot like the Killers from what I've heard (all of one song, and not even all of it). Probably a different band given your brits taste in music. Took you a little while to churn out a Beach Boys copy in the Beatles - a good one admittedly. Eh, I'm getting off on a tanget. I'll shut up.