View Full Version : Mr. G and the Bear

22-06-2005, 17:11:29
Coming this Fall, following the "Jon Miller Experience" and before "Being Jon Miller" is the next great sitcom "Mr. G and the Bear"!

Follow this mild mannered Bridge designer through his angst and hotdog binges (but not on Wednesday) as he attempts to regain the lost banana from his trusty truck driving monkey sidekick named "Bear".

You will be over come with laughter as he sputters unrecognizable words that he believes to be Dutch such as "jes jes" and "dooooooooo di dooooooo"! Watch as he attempts to secure bridge deals while intoxicated, naked, all awhile being harassed by Bear!

Sure to be a winner, don't miss "Mr. G and the Bear"!

22-06-2005, 21:49:01
jes jes, in the leader he will do his dance in his polar bear pyjamas banging the bass drum