View Full Version : MG Rover asset 'sold by mistake'

Dyl Ulenspiegel
21-06-2005, 11:01:44

"Administrators for MG Rover have declined to comment on reports that the car maker has sold one of its key assets - the MG TF sports car.

Rover mistakenly transferred the rights to the car when it sold China's SAIC the rights to the Rover 25 and 75 last year, a Financial Times report claimed."

Fascinating, either the incompetence or the corruption.

21-06-2005, 12:27:44
Not that I've looked into it, but how does a sell of Rover 25 and 75 have any side-effect sell of MG TF ?

Heard this elsewhere a few days back - ok ok I'll go read the BBC article (after lunch).

21-06-2005, 13:40:54
It's just a meaningless coincidence. Like Enron getting off scot free. :cute: