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19-06-2005, 04:10:36
met rolf harris this evening. shook the legend's hand. he played infront of thousands of screaming fans, me included. he played two little boys and i nearly wept. some chick from pop idol was star struck when she saw me, thinking I was ina famous band. Several people screamed when they saw my band thinking we were some other famous band and tried to get back stage with us. we kept going past crowds of students trying to get backstage with our access all areas passes and we ate rolf harris' food, drank all the beer and so on. took photos with him. met rooster and some chick from pop idol.


I am wasted. it's 4am and I'm fucking screwed. I can't believe I got paid for an amazing night where I got to hang out with famosu people and have oeiople screaming at me...,,,,,,,



19-06-2005, 05:14:28
But did you get laid?

What's the point of having screaming fans if they won't put out?

Greg W
19-06-2005, 05:18:01
I'm more disturbed that he calls Rolf Harris a legend. :nervous:

19-06-2005, 08:22:17
cooooooool coool supah cool.


The Norks
19-06-2005, 10:21:41
I love Rolf

19-06-2005, 13:09:19
oooh, are rooster nice?

19-06-2005, 13:34:24
Only met them in passing. Like "hi", "hi".

The amount of boys and girls who were standing in front of me, pointing in my face and saying "yeah" or "you rock" or "you are great" was ridiculous. They obviously don't love Rooster that much or they'd know I'm clearly not in the band and Rooster were pretty shit in my opinion.

Rolf was amazing though. Played all the classics. I was dancing like a loon. Tie me kangaroo down sport indeed! I shook his hand afterwards and then got a photo taken with his kangaroo.

I forgot to thank him for Rolf's Cartoon Club.

19-06-2005, 17:43:49
rofl harris

19-06-2005, 22:33:53
:beer: Rebus!