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31-05-2005, 17:08:06
I'm hitting on 4 months of job searching

I have been rejected more times than a CGer looking for a date

but I still have fun, and am honing my interview skillz..

I am certain something will eventually come up, I mean Venom has a job, right?

Anyway, I am going to use this thread to post strange and unusual jobs that I come across, like the one a few months ago of the Beer Buyer in Portland...

Here's one for an Associate Engineer for Alion, located in North Dakota.

Job Description:

Associate Engineer with MS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, or Chemical Engineering. BS Degree and significant related experience will also be considered. At least 5 years experience in a Research and Development environment. Recent MS graduates that demonstrated excellent academic achievement will also be considered. Materials and Processes or manufacturing R&D experience a definite plus. Requires excellent communication skill, written and verbal, as well as be proficient in MS Office. This position is located in North Dakota.

Job Duties:

Will serve as Project Engineer on a team that will develop advanced surface engineering technologies for increasing the life and improving the reliability of DoD weapon systems. This improvement will be achieved through the application of advanced production process technology. Particular emphasis for the team will be placed on super finishing, thin film coatings, nano grain size coatings, laser cladding and complementary process technologies. Will be responsible for achieving technical objectives and managing budget, schedule, and customer and partner relationships.

Not only is this job in North Dakota, Yaay?, but it has you working on DoD weapn systems! I wonder what kind of security clearance you need to play in North Dakota with the Department of Defense!? I would apply, but I think it would take away to much of posting time;)


31-05-2005, 17:27:57
I got hooked up, otherwise I'd still be looking and it's been a year since I lost my job.