View Full Version : Bossman Sighting!

The Higgelhoff
31-05-2005, 12:04:11
I was searching through some Rover articles as I am considering purchasing a Rover 75 / MG ZT.

I wasn't prepared for the horrors I witness...


Why are Labour and Tony Blair being blamed for Rover's failure in the open market? Are they the ones running Rover? Are they the directors and managers? Are they the ones making the cars? No. They have nothing to do with it.
Bossman, UK

Provost Harrison
31-05-2005, 12:10:47

Personally, I wouldn't buy a Rover :D

The Higgelhoff
31-05-2005, 12:51:18
I've been searching around and people have been saying nothing but good things about the Rover 75.

Provost Harrison
31-05-2005, 13:10:52
They're probably confusing it with a Jag. Fuckwits ;)