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30-05-2005, 09:46:07
Anyone know where one can get a genuine USB to parallel cable from ? Prefereably in the UK.

I don't mean a USB to printer plug as I already got one of those in error (although it did prove useful anyway). But to a normal 25 way D socket.


30-05-2005, 17:35:21
I'll sell you one for 200. ;)

Which is cheaper than PC-World Business will offer you.

Seriously though - why not build an adaptor onto the cable you've already got?

30-05-2005, 21:02:16
Too much else to do to try to build one. All that soldering ! But I can change the question to anyone know of a Printer socket to 25 way D socket type cable if you like :)

30-05-2005, 21:49:10
Why are your questions never simple? And how do you manage to do everything differently?

30-05-2005, 23:08:10
Because I live in this complex world. ;)

13-06-2005, 18:00:50

The description says "USB to Parallel" but the details say "Parallel device to USB Port". I want to connnect a USB scanner to a PC with only a parallel port - is there such an adaptor?

There is no such adaptor on the market as of yet, as there are power issues. USB provides power, Parallel does not.

I have an umax 2000p scanner which has a parrallel port conection. Can I use this device to connect to a computer with windows xp to connect to a usb2.0 port and use the scanner

This would not work, as Windows XP doesn't support Parallel Scanners.

Arrhhh !!!! They must do it on purpose !

So USB supplies power ?!? If it's not needed then why not just ignore the facility.

13-06-2005, 19:13:38
Well, the snag is the adaptor needs power from somewhere - at least in the first example.

USB peripherals don't (as far as I know) supply power on the connector - so a USB-parallel CONVERTOR would not work. I say convertor because a piece of dedicated hardware would be needed to read the IEEE parallel pins and wiggle the serial data line up and down as required. Effectively a sub computer.

In the second example, WindowsXP just wouldn't look at the parellel port for a scanner - although I think this explanation is a bit suspect, because there are a lot of parallel devices it does support.

It boils down to this - technology is moving away from parallel towards USB, because it's cheaper, requires far fewer connections (less copper, more environmentally friendly).

Of course, the real reason is that everybody wants to sell you new hardware every so often, so they just declare the old stuff obsolete (even if it isn't).

14-06-2005, 08:35:10
Naturally. :(

The above, from a Ask.co.uk cached version of a Maplin site, basically tells me others were (are ?) trying to do much the same thing I wanted to. The reason I was trying was that the scanner I had was near identical with the one my brother has. Mine in parallel cable and doesn't work on XP, his is USB cable and does.

But the major pain is that my girlfriend has already sent her scanner to charity as it wouldn't work on XP. I gave her mine and discovered it doesn't work either. And I have another in a box at home I haven't checked. Not got around to opening it and sorting out the peripherals for the PC at my new place. Dreading finding out it's parallel too.

Ahhh before posting this, checked the auction site where I 'won' it. At least that scanner's USB :)

Personally I don't think MS has any excuse to not look on any port for anything it finds, but I guess they are so ubiquitous/powerful, they don't need one.

21-06-2006, 17:27:31