View Full Version : fucking hell I cant believe lenny henry has a show on prime time

The Norks
27-05-2005, 20:32:26
he stopped being funny around...er...puberty

if comic relief never happened would he really still get this air time?

he lives opposite my friends parents- I saw him cycling once. He is a BIG boy.

27-05-2005, 20:34:38
He wears his cycling shorts that tight? I cry.

27-05-2005, 21:32:00
I thought he was quite funny in places...

The Norks
27-05-2005, 21:33:08
not them places

27-05-2005, 21:45:24
I thought lenny was OK, not as good as william hague on have i got new for you but good enough for a family comedy show