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27-05-2005, 19:54:44
I love it when reporters go up to the losing team or side of a competition and asks the loser "So how do you feel?"

Really, whatever happened to the day of hard hitting reporting. Why don't they ask "So, does this make you think about using performance enhancers?" or "Maybe you need to take more performance enhancers" or "Why are you such a loser?'

that would make the news much more exciting.

I would ask Dubyaa if he owns a dictionary and if I could have my picture taken with him as he makes a face like a monkey.

I would Sharon why is he such a big pussy.

I would ask Howard Stern if how long he can go without talking about himself.

I would ask the pope why catholic preists like little boys.

I would ask Opera for some money.

I would ask Al Gore if he fwapps it to the Toy's R Us catalog.

I would ask Kobe Bryant if he feels like a winner now.

I would ask the Barry Bonds how his foot tastes.

I would ask Monica Belluci if she'd mother my children.

What would you ask?
Who would you ask?

27-05-2005, 19:56:15

I would ask Oprah myself.

The Norks
27-05-2005, 19:56:38
by performance enhancing, do you mean viagra?

The Norks
27-05-2005, 19:57:16
viagra which today I see on the bbc causes blindness (MAY GOD STRIKE YOU DOWN IN YOUR EYES FILTHY SEX SINNER!!!!!!!!)

27-05-2005, 19:59:40
I would ask Oprah myself.

That's what I meant...

27-05-2005, 20:02:51
The classic 100-nil lives.