View Full Version : City of Heroes free trial Buddy Key for Memorial day.

27-05-2005, 14:53:57
Anyone want to try out COH free for 14 days? THey have a promo going on and sent out buddy keys.

Here is mine. If anyone uses it say so since it can only be used once and no point making 2 people download it.


Here is the download link.


27-05-2005, 14:58:11
In case anyone else is interested you can use mine too :D

City of Heroes Serial Code: U6H7-DP8S-6XJ6-4LLN-DAK4

The Higgelhoff
27-05-2005, 15:17:05
Tempted, but I only have enough free 'gaming' time to make progress on WoW at the moment.