View Full Version : Bored of the Foo Fighters by now?

Walrus Feeder
27-05-2005, 00:02:04
Anyone else been familiarizing themselves with some of the new Foo Fighters songs? Is it the case that since it's now their 5th album they have done all the good stuff early on and just seem dull now? A double album indeed, but does anyone really want to listen to unoriginal sounded shouty dirge on one half and a whole Foo's acoustic CD on the other? They were on Jools Holland 2 weeks ago and were by far outshone by some new band called Arcade Fire. Anyone else heard of them?:hmm:

27-05-2005, 01:07:37
The Arcade Fire album is really good.

Nills Lagerbaak
27-05-2005, 09:24:24
Have to be honest and say they are pissing me off big time now. They have descended into bad coffee table rock. Grohl's face is to be seen all over the music magazines doing that shitty gritted teeth look that makes me want to punch his head in......
*Deep Breaths*

31-05-2005, 10:38:35
I'm willing to write them off.

The new song is just awful.

31-05-2005, 12:25:17
Everything they've done since The Colour & The Shape has bored me rigid.

Walrus Feeder
31-05-2005, 20:00:05
Yeah, I still thought their first album was the best. - Nearly ten years old now!

Mr. Bas
01-06-2005, 13:02:55
I agree that the first album was pretty good, but that they've gone downhill from there. It's a shame, because Grohl has shown that he has some talents but he uses it less and less.

*End Is Forever*
02-06-2005, 19:40:37
They were boring at Leeds in 2002.

Provost Harrison
02-06-2005, 23:50:51
Yeah, I remember you saying that their performance was rather lacklustre...