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26-05-2005, 07:20:25
What is up with the current trend towards eliminating the CD's jewel case? Sure, it's just a piece of plastic to house the CD but I like that plastic case but lately the record labels have been getting all cheap on us by selling CDs with cardboard cases. Some of those card board cases don't even have the plastic center piece where the CD snaps in place. :o

It's not like the price of CDs has fallen and last I heard they're still around $1-$2 to make so this latest round of corner cutting seems to be motivated by either pure greed or excessive over head. Neither of which is my problem nor do I feel like paying for it. One of the few reasons to pay for CDs instead of downloading music is to get a nice case with a nice CD in it.

Sure, we all want to support good artists (that's why I make sure to buy CDs of artists I really like) but even if a person doesn't buy the CD the artist still benifets from the word of mouth and by additional people going to concerts, buying t-shirts, buying posters, and what not. If the record labels would stop being cheap skates and give us our jewel cases with nice little paper fold outs with interesting pictures and bio info we can't get online then maybe more people would be willing to buy old fashioned CDs.

26-05-2005, 09:08:17
For Albums here we normally see the cardboard case as the special edition one... I guess I wonder what kind of carboard case you mean?

More environmentally friendly though.

But I definitely agree that whatever material it's made out of it's important to have nice packaging and stuff if you are paying for a CD.

Lazarus and the Gimp
26-05-2005, 10:43:45
I prefer the cardboard ones.

Fergus & The Brazen Car
26-05-2005, 13:29:47
Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
I prefer the cardboard ones.

Me too- ecopak over 'jewel' cases any day.

A slender cardboard wallet, a gatefold card sleeve, one of the more buff ecopak varieties, I don't mind- but preferable to those 'jewel' cases that snap, crack, shatter and break, or tear or crease the inner sleeves.

I love the way the companies called them 'jewel' cases too- as if somehow you could believe you were getting your hands on a nice chrysoberyl, dandy emerald or sparkling sapphire encasing your Limp Bizkit or Pearl Jam single.

26-05-2005, 13:39:45

26-05-2005, 21:26:17
Jewel case does sound better then cheap plastic case.

27-05-2005, 09:04:25
If you want to get CDs manufactured for your band proper gatefold card sleeves are more expensive than jewel ones.