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26-05-2005, 00:31:47
I want to update from WinXP 64bit Beta to the real thing (tm)

which means I need to buy Win XP (does it matter which version I buy? is there a difference in prices? I should probably buy through my school)

then download the WinXP 64bit from microsoft

and install

now I have 2 HD (36 GB and 160 GB)

the operating system is on and is going to be on the 36 GB one

now how do I do this so that there is a minimum of fuss, and so that I don't lose anything from my games or anything (or bookmarks.. or emails or...)

I use firefox and thunderbird, and most (but not all) of my games are on the 160 GB harddrive..

I have a lot of stuff I don't want to lose (I downloaded HL2 for example.. and so don't want to lose the information that tells them that I own it...)

Jon Miller

26-05-2005, 10:54:59
Well, burn the stuff you want to keep onto DVD. Preferably nicely organised in its own set of folders.

Then you can chop and change setting up your system.

I think you're very brave going 64 bit at this stage of the process.

Do tell us how you get on, what problems you encounter, so we can avoid them. ;)

Sir Penguin
26-05-2005, 20:52:43
Copy everything over to a folder on the 160 GB drive, wipe the 36 GB drive, and reinstall. You might have to reinstall your games, but the save files will remain intact.

You need to buy the 64-bit edition of Windows XP. It's not a downloadable update. If you're taking computer science courses, or have friends in computer science, you might be able to hook up with a free copy through the MSDN academic alliance. You might also be able to get good prices through the Microsoft student representative on campus.


26-05-2005, 23:15:03

I thought you were suppose to have XP, and then exchange it for XP64.

This is complicated a little bit by me building my own computer.

Jon Milelr

Sir Penguin
27-05-2005, 05:23:15
Under the bit where it says, "Already have an x64 computer?" it links to instructions on how to exchange your 32-bit version for a 64-bit version. If you don't have a 32-bit version, you have to buy the 64-bit verison, presumably from the same place where you'd buy the 32-bit version.


30-05-2005, 20:41:05
Apparently 120 day trial now available for download;-

It's not a beta test.


EDIT: However, , "Important: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition cannot be successfully installed on 64-bit Intel Itanium-based systems.".

For those who bought a 64 bit Pentium... oops.

30-05-2005, 21:45:27
I'm foggy on which Pentiums have "EM64T", but I believe that the Itanium is a different animal from the Athlon 64 and the Pentium with EM64T. Maybe Intel can rescue the Itanium commercially, but at this point, it looks like a boondoggle.

30-05-2005, 21:58:07
Originally posted by Cruddy
For those who bought a 64 bit Pentium... oops.
What Deacon said. Microsoft isn't stupid enough to not fully support a Pentium processor, 64-bit or not. Itanium is different.