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The Norks
24-05-2005, 18:51:45
at 10.35, I think its called 'To Courtney with love' or something. Its about a girl who got pregnant when she was 12, gave birth at 13, was diagnosed with cancer at 14 and died at 16. I think it looks really interesting but I have a feeling it will be a tearjerker. Its about how she decided she wanted her baby to know who she was so she started keeping a video diary for her. When the camera was stolen the BBC intervened and took documentary footage over a year and were there when she died. There's an article on BBC news if anyone is interested.

Get your tissues ready now :(

24-05-2005, 19:06:32
Courtney Love?

24-05-2005, 20:03:23
saw an advert for that, it looked good, might have to watch it

24-05-2005, 20:23:13
any conception footage?;)

24-05-2005, 20:28:29
Originally posted by Chris
Courtney Love?

One can only hope that chick ODs and dies. He "music" is more like drunken whining.