View Full Version : EQ2 3rd expansion adds meaningfull pvp (and a link to half naked women)

22-05-2005, 22:16:34
Well the second mini expansion for EQ2 will be live soon and at e3 they showed the info for the large expansion.

The first exp added destructable parts of the world and solo instances. Apparently the second exp and the big one will add on that.

The Desert of Flames expansion has a few interesting ideas.

First off, pretty much every NPC will be attackable. Also the NPCs will not be static like every other MMO. The cities will have multiple factions (4 atm) and depending on PVP and PVE the city control will change, there will also be fighting in the streets between the factions.

Also they are adding alternate leveling that is linked to PVP, but there are no details about that yet. There will also be rewards etc you can earn like the SWG system that WOW also uses, without the fight club exploit loops.

And climbing, so you can go anywhere in the game, over cliffs etc now.

Oh and for the half naked women,


They are doing a model quest.

22-05-2005, 22:19:37
Bah forgot one other thing.

The Arena they are also adding will feature different FPS style matches ranging from capture the flag, hold the line, deathmatch etc.

And players can use premade characters if they just want to play in the arena called "Arena Champions".

So if you are only lvl 20, but want to try out some high level characters in pvp you can get access to them for the arena only.

22-05-2005, 22:31:21
Ah fuck. The new expansion is going to suck.

They are adding player voices to the game so your toon can talk.

I am real excited that I will have to turn my sound off becuase some retard feels like screaming "lol" over and over again in every city zone.

23-05-2005, 00:25:05

Especially the player voices. Don't know about your experience but for WoW raiding many guilds are now requiring TeamSpeak et al for participation.

Talking outside of a team is, obviously, a bad thing. I can't see how they would apply that to general chat without ruining the game.

Oh and for the half naked women,


They are doing a model quest.


23-05-2005, 03:38:13
I read more about it. They play to eventually add full teamspeak style built in to the game, but for this expansion they will only have a few hundred preset phrases.

Not as bad, but still annoying.

27-05-2005, 00:49:42
Nah, TeamSpeak stuff is all good. Adds the extra bit to the social dynamic. ("LEEERROOOOY!", etc :D)

16-06-2005, 02:50:10
update, they have also added two other things.

1- Puzzles, where you need to move things, blow things up, shift levels etc to progress in certain dungeons.

They are very similar to the puzzle style in Prince of Persia, without all the running up walls (climb instead) and twitch control.

They have an example in the preorder dungeon that came out. In order to find the hidden part of the zone, where if you find a corpse spiders pour out of it and if killed drop a chest with cash in it, you need to kill certian things, arrange boxes and boards to make ladders, acquire a barrel of spirits (booze, not dead people), get back out of that area, place the barrel near a cracked wall and blow it up.

INteresting stuff for a MMO.

2- They added being kidnapped like COH has. Not clear on the specifics since they only have it out for players lower level than me, but it looks like if beaten you may respawn in a prison cell in the dungeon and have to break out (solve a puzzle) then fight your way to the surface.