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17-05-2005, 20:03:55
Let's say, purely for hypothetical purposes, that a person had a copy of Windows XP and a serial key that they downloaded off the internet.

Let us then say that this person installed the said copy of Windows XP and wanted to run Windows Update.

Would this pose any particular or potential problems? Or would this said person be able to Update to the fullness of their heart's content and happily ever after?

17-05-2005, 20:04:39
Please note that the person in question isn't me. Actually it really isn't.

17-05-2005, 21:46:39
I recently got my hands on a free copy of XP. I installed it briefly on an unused partition a couple months ago. I recall that updates worked, though the really interesting thing is that while the key that I had worked for installing "from scratch", a different key was required for upgrading from 2000. So I'm guessing that MS allows updates of free copies for now, while upgrades must be purchased.

Sir Penguin
17-05-2005, 23:48:48
Windows Update will work fine for most pirated copies of XP, for now. There are some keys that are blacklisted (eg the popular FCK one), but other keys should work. Again, for now. A while ago MS said they were going to keep people with pirated copies of Windows from updating. I'm not sure how that's going though.


18-05-2005, 12:55:24
Thanks! :)