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16-05-2005, 20:07:37
My application form has been at Roehampton Uni for nearly 2 weeks and no sign of an interview/rejection yet.

Problem is that it doesnt go to my second choice until they reject it so if they just sit on it I could lose out both ways.

They better get a move on I have to hand in my resignation by the end of june...

16-05-2005, 20:54:24
I just got rejected by 2 companies today.

A 3rd dissolved the position I was viaing for due to financial purposes.

I got one more on the boards, and another one in the works.

Still, going from 5 prospects to 2, in one day, rather sucks.

And on top of it, I have to go to baby class from 7 to 9pm tonight, so I can't get drunk, and I can't blow off work early and sulk because I am being made to go to counciling to explain to them how much I hate this job and the town I live in, but can't quit because I need the insurance.

Feel better?

16-05-2005, 21:12:04
I still don't have any job for the summer.. I found out I messed up on a part of the assignment that I thought I understood.. and I have a lot of grading to do

Jon Miller
(also, the test I am working on is harder than it appeared at first look)

16-05-2005, 21:18:39
yaaay my lifes better than japher!


16-05-2005, 21:23:04
Don't worry. Before you know it you'll be repaying student loans and surviving on cardboard sandwiches.

Enjoy it while you can.

16-05-2005, 21:31:00
fortunately not - this is my second time round (applying for a PGCE) and if I get in they pay me + my girlfriend is getting a pretty massive payrise which will cover a fair bit of the drop in household earnings. its worked out quite nicely - I've been earning enough to prop her up through her 2 years of training in the NHS, now she will be able to keep us above water while I do a year back at uni!

16-05-2005, 21:49:01
Roehampton? ROEHAMPTON? Sounds like a crap version of Surrey.

16-05-2005, 22:26:31
yaaay my lifes better than japher!

Every defeat makes every victory that much sweeter...

besides, I am stubborn

17-05-2005, 22:49:15
Well apparently I've got an interview!

I dont know where, when or with who - the GTTR web site is absolutely crap. Presumably there will be an email or a letter as well.

The Norks
17-05-2005, 23:26:07
if you dont already, i'd start looking at government policies and their education mission statements. They ask some pretty nasty questions in some of these interviews

18-05-2005, 09:16:52
already on it!

18-05-2005, 12:41:18
Originally posted by Beta1
Well apparently I've got an interview!

:beer: Knock 'em dead.

18-05-2005, 12:53:32
I'm waiting to hear back from an interview I had yesterday morning for a Trainee IT Tech job. I am absolutely bricking myself. If I get this job my life will be 1,000,000 times better!

18-05-2005, 14:07:43
got a phone call, interview is next thursday.

Gives me a decent amount of time to read up

18-05-2005, 14:10:45