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13-05-2005, 10:10:32
Find out about yourself, or other people... (http://www.googlism.com/index.htm)

Googlism for: drekkus

drekkus is alive and

And what...?:cute:

13-05-2005, 10:11:48
Googlism for: mikeh

mikeh is a very aggresive person
mikeh is hot to trot
mikeh is
mikeh is developing hopefully
mikeh is working on a site about this project
mikeh is around here today ? poisson
mikeh is more worried about the salmon going bad <woj> least jeff's lenses aren't on his glasses
mikeh is gone? that's too bad
mikeh is acct100
mikeh is saying here
mikeh is ranked number 287 and has played for 44m in 14 days
mikeh is not a registered username or is an administrator name

13-05-2005, 10:12:39
Googlism for: mr.g

mr.g is suddenly attacked by a rogue cigarette


13-05-2005, 10:24:17
venom is not fighting male rock

Greg W
13-05-2005, 10:28:21
Googlism for: greg w

greg w is shown welcoming and installing our newest members wayne b :eek:
greg w is
greg w is that katana
greg w is using them

I like the Katana line though. :beer:

Greg W
13-05-2005, 10:30:25
mobius is interested in work that cannot be easily presented elsewhere because of spatial and technical needs or because of unusual or controversial content

So, he's into Porn then. :lol:

13-05-2005, 10:34:14
greg w is shown welcoming and installing our newest members wayne b
greg w is
greg w is that katana
greg w is using them

Greg W
13-05-2005, 10:34:37

13-05-2005, 10:37:33
Bah. I didn't see your post. :bash:

13-05-2005, 10:37:55
Entirely justified rolleyes though.

13-05-2005, 10:38:28
Originally posted by MOBIUS
Find out about yourself, or other people... (http://www.googlism.com/index.htm)

And what...?:cute: that's what I like to know.

13-05-2005, 11:53:01
kg is suspended from the ceiling on a steel wire of 1 mm diameter and 2 m length
kg is initially at rest on a rough horizontal floor
kg is initially moving to the left with a speed of 15
kg is registered with the registry court ulm under hra 1980
kg is roughly 1
kg is dropped onto the edge of the disk and sticks as shown
kg is €60
kg is suspended by a light inextensible string from the roof of a train
kg is added in the plot

13-05-2005, 11:54:08
"kg is initially at rest on a rough horizontal floor"

Just another Friday night at the after dark.

13-05-2005, 11:59:03
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about funko yet.

tizzy is a hand maiden
tizzy is late
tizzy is first encountered outside the toy box that is her home and within which the program is set
tizzy is a cardigan who can do it all
tizzy is already settling in with her babies :eek:
tizzy is making tygger a little leery of ferrets
tizzy is our happy and kissy face girl :lol:
tizzy is steadily climbing the list of the
tizzy is now
tizzy is dissonance
tizzy is a testament to both local and international elements
tizzy is running better than ever
tizzy is covered with sparking hoarfrost
tizzy is there
tizzy is a sincere and genuine trio who give the impression that they are making music for the pure fun of doing so :lol:
tizzy is another in a long line of boston
tizzy is the rumpled neighborhood eccentric
tizzy is running so quickly in talking that it is difficult to express its feeling and to breathe
tizzy is out of paige
tizzy is the mother of grand champion summerdown cream pasha and champion summerdown spun gold
tizzy is a red satin and lizzie is an english spot mix
tizzy is open from 10
tizzy is caught up on the second floor
tizzy is my first jack russell terrier
tizzy is a trio of guitar
tizzy is quite peculiar :cute:
tizzy is a tizzy
tizzy is the trading and possible sale of their copyrighted material
tizzy is beloved by all the children in her
tizzy is beloved
tizzy is back
tizzy is another band in a long line of indie rock bands that will not get enough recognition among commercial radio stations as well as non
tizzy is very friendly and a real character
tizzy is that we all had ourselves convince that osu was very overrated
tizzy is just laughable on so many levels :lol:
tizzy is een trio
tizzy is a black and white female aged 1
tizzy is too cute in that hat
tizzy is now old hash and roy
tizzy is a polish lowland sheepdog for mrs sooby
tizzy is the senior citizen who lives for the children of the neighborhood
tizzy is all the attention being lavished on the sopranos
tizzy is a proposal
tizzy is underway
tizzy is from tacoma
tizzy is this
tizzy is the ideal roman
tizzy is studying
tizzy is msn messenger's ability to connect with aim clients
tizzy is the decision of our cash
tizzy is kansas state
tizzy is only four years old
tizzy is nothing but his cell phone going off under three layers of clothing
tizzy is the signing of a bill by president bush that gives the military jurisdiction over the
tizzy is based in the fact lefty can not get a voice in asper's news monopoly
tizzy is the fact you don't normally find the seventh
tizzy is good for the soul
tizzy is that there is now more urgency to his performance
tizzy is an excellent award cow with a ppa of 100
tizzy is her name
tizzy is
tizzy is on her way back with
tizzy is at an end after some quick
tizzy is because ufologists have extrapolated the original eth beyond all bounds of
tizzy is a story
tizzy is the fact that juno
tizzy is brought on by the fact that jackie
tizzy is a highly excited and distracted state of mind
tizzy is the so called episode 1
tizzy is the consumate all
tizzy is "a state of frenzied excitement or distraction
tizzy is very contagious
tizzy is ready for action
tizzy is this person is proclaiming this as a legal transaction
tizzy is 128
tizzy is a "state of frenzied excitement or distraction :lol:

13-05-2005, 12:03:01
I think you strategically did not highlight some of those others. :D

13-05-2005, 12:04:33
Originally posted by Funko

tizzy is an excellent award cow with a ppa of 100


13-05-2005, 12:05:18
Originally posted by Drekkus
I think you strategically did not highlight some of those others. :D


I forgot to highlight "Tizzy is late"

13-05-2005, 12:13:38
protein is a molecular chaperone that assists in the secretion of the hoppsya effector from the type iii

Nills Lagerbaak
13-05-2005, 12:14:10
Worrying. (aimed at second to last post)

Nills Lagerbaak
13-05-2005, 12:15:58
OMG, one of the sponsored links

"Nikhil - for a good time or a fun ride meet
the fastest indian in Bellevue WA"

13-05-2005, 12:17:41
My favourites:

mobius is amazingly compact
mobius is two blocks past the children's museum on the left
mobius is an equal opportunity employer m / f / d / v
mobius is a union catalog that will eventually include 50 academic libraries in the state of missouri
mobius is very easy to program and use
mobius is held captive deep within the temple of nod
mobius is the "vehicle" you've always wanted
mobius is destroyed? prologue
mobius is officially complete
mobius is nearly ready for test
mobius is one of the largest players on the emerging markets with a total capitalization of $6
mobius is at his base surrounded by his two bodyguards
mobius is under no obligation to publish any web site materials electronically or otherwise prior to buyer approval of those materials
mobius is carrying the torch
mobius is an american citizen living abroad
mobius is playing the odds that online customers will return and buy more
mobius is divided into eleven different clusters
mobius is the tale of tokyo in the year 2026
mobius is at grave danger
mobius is a ruthless super
mobius is artistry in motion
mobius is home to "anything that doesn't fit into the confines of the more traditional art forms
mobius is fabulously popular and similar to what gainax has done with the evangelion series


13-05-2005, 12:21:24

nikhil is quite young and deeply interested in music and intelligent enough to handle the


nikhil is responsible
nikhil is such a bad boy


nikhil is one of the longest attending members of shane land
nikhil is a pure
nikhil is probably your everyday college student


nikhil is excited about the concept of the show and is looking forward to coming out to dubai
nikhil is executive vice


nikhil is my fourth choice as god


nikhil is by far one of pune's most exciting and accomplished drummers and can play at any level :lol:
nikhil is responsible for leading
nikhil is extremely wary of students
nikhil is standing on david's upturned feet


nikhil is very clever well cultured and open minded boy
nikhil is smitten by sophiya
nikhil is sick of the whole thing


nikhil is tolerable


nikhil is the most die hard competitor i have ever seen


nikhil is an amazing experience


nikhil is a bad guy after all


nikhil is the only man she has ever interacted with
nikhil is still spreading those wings


nikhil is such a bad boy


nikhil is only 13 and is 5' 6"

13-05-2005, 12:26:58

Nills Lagerbaak
13-05-2005, 12:30:49
"nikhil is by far one of pune's most exciting and accomplished drummers and can play at any level"

FINALLY, the recognition I deserve!

13-05-2005, 12:33:30
It's amazing how many references to you being a bad boy there are!

Nills Lagerbaak
13-05-2005, 12:35:08
I know, but I'm still 4th choice for God! I wonder who the top three are...

Greg W
13-05-2005, 12:36:21
Originally posted by Funko
tizzy is a hand maiden
tizzy is open from 10
tizzy is a polish lowland sheepdog for mrs sooby
tizzy is at an end after some quick
tizzy is very contagious
tizzy is ready for action:nervous:

Greg W
13-05-2005, 12:40:56
Googlism for: the norks

Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about the norks yet.

Googlism for: norks

norks is cute &
norks is zooooooooo cute
norks is de kat van vilder
norks is not post
norks is de kat van argus vilder
norks is australian slang for breasts
norks is hij constant op zoek naar leerlingen die zijn waar ze niet zouden moeten zijn
norks is less than
norks is mooi pak papier gebonden en in vilder kamer gegooit
norks is de snelle kat van concierge argus vilder
norks is where it's at

Greg W
13-05-2005, 12:42:17
Googlism for: dyl

dyl is stoopid

I didn't get past there...

13-05-2005, 12:44:22
Originally posted by Funko

I forgot to highlight "Tizzy is late"

Which is clearly the most accurate :D

And you forgot "cute in that hat" too :D

13-05-2005, 12:44:25
hardman is looking for her canadian
hardman is caged vinnie jones' acting got the thumbs up from hollywood former
hardman is caged
hardman is
hardman is the only stopping place for teams coming for wood from the vast country between the mountains and the columbia river
hardman is a real estate professional with re/max of eagle river located in eagle river
hardman is responsible for services to students with disabilities and also is the ada coordinator
hardman is chairwoman of the michigan legislative black caucus
hardman is seeking jv partners to fund drilling in 2002 at the sites
hardman is keen to explore how mp3 developments could allow him to create new forms of interactive narrative
hardman is a native to fort worth and has enjoyed living in the northwest fort worth area all of his life
hardman is a farming town located in the rolling fields about 20 miles south of heppner on highway 207
hardman is also a member of the royal society of
hardman is the author of over 50 texts for educating dyslexic and add individuals with published articles in the journal of learning disabilities :lol:
hardman is an innovator
hardman is looking for players to step up
hardman is not worried and said he has talked to thomas
hardman is to be the next archdeacon of lewisham
hardman is the director of academic services at western governors university
hardman is abusing the court system and needs to pay for his abuse of the law and for taking eagle feathers
hardman is very much
hardman is professor of anthropology and linguistics at the university of florida
hardman is a missionary with the general board of global ministries of the united methodist church assigned to serve as the education director of
hardman is rolling all over on the ground in pieces so he canot say i quit so calenol wins anyway
hardman is straight south of hermiston
hardman is supposedly always 3
hardman is a civil engineer
hardman is a fifteen year old cree from missanabie cree first nation
hardman is seeking is for the entire basin which covers approximately 10
hardman is currently a teacher on special assignment for clark county school district
hardman is mainly concentrating on his math and typing skills
hardman is heir
hardman is solid
hardman is home at roane county high school
hardman is the third former classic member to come back this season
hardman is more than willing to communicate with teachers interested in her party ideas
hardman is looking at adding several system enhancement features such as changer
hardman is the 2
hardman is the first australian oil and gas exploration and production company to secure a listing on aim
hardman is a dead
hardman is a big fan of anime
hardman is expected to hold a 75% interest in the project
hardman is the most 'powerful' of all norns
hardman is admitted to practice in connecticut and on personal injury
hardman is a steel magnolia
hardman is understandably reticent
hardman is known as this year?s party crasher
hardman is a very generous person
hardman is already stating in its quarterly reports that it will seek additional partners to fund the drilling phase of the exploration
hardman is hooked on running money
hardman is internationally recognized as an outstanding scientist
hardman is ucfv?s new aboriginal access coordinator
hardman is the new aboriginal access coordinator at ucfv
hardman is the first huskie to break into professional baseball since eric welsh was drafted by the cincinnati reds in 1997 and is currently with their
hardman is going to add a lounge with 3
hardman is a researcher at cwi
hardman is editor of the official organ of the amalgamated clothing workers of america
hardman is a little
hardman is a son of david and harriet
hardman is trained in the physical sciences
hardman is to face the challenge of brar acolyte zane carpenter
hardman is the wily veteran
hardman is a senior partner with kingsway financial management
hardman is scheduled fly to islamabad
hardman is a toltec master in the eagle knight lineage of the nagual miguel ruiz
hardman is likely not beyond reproach for her handling of the verbal agreement
hardman is having his dick sucked by "mommy" candy cooze :lol:
hardman is a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering
hardman is one of 16 network consultants across north america who provide pre
hardman is the hard working civilian co
hardman is a part
hardman is a leading supplier to the filter industry and has been in business for over 90 years supplying thermosetting polymers
hardman is to appeal against his conviction for murdering a north wales
hardman is an instructional computing support specialist in academic computing
hardman is forced to chomp on a wonderful slit until it's time to go in for the kill
hardman is aboard for ?mean to me
hardman is full of
hardman is listed on the stock exchange in australia
hardman is a senior in history and has apparently forgotten that china is not the only country in asia
hardman is good to find
hardman is a democrat in politics

13-05-2005, 12:47:06
Rather than copy them all... Bossman's are hillarious too

bossman is viewing an erotic masturbation show performed by his young junky girlfriend


13-05-2005, 12:49:09
Googlism for: lurker

lurker is coming out

lurker is a fairly common character

lurker is possibly the laziest webcomic ever made

lurker is now also leaning back in her chair sipping a grasshopper

lurker is a new unit for brood war and it has one of the coolest attacks ever

lurker is once again pleased

lurker is the most dangerous of the basic sea units

lurker is a carnivorous scavenger found only in subterranean settings

lurker is the bane of thieves

lurker is talking to him/herself a lot

lurker is owned by me

lurker is mutated from

lurker is a resident of new york

lurker is mother

lurker is far from an evil person

lurker is a limited

lurker is a not

lurker is watching

lurker is on a murdering rampage leaving a trail of corpses that rivals jack the ripper

13-05-2005, 13:58:38
venom is fairly potent

13-05-2005, 14:45:44
the bossman and hardman ones have reduced me to tears :lol:

13-05-2005, 15:18:54
Fairly potent? Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have showered last year.

Lurker the Second
13-05-2005, 15:50:34
:lol: at the Lurker ones. I might have to change the thing above my avatar.

13-05-2005, 16:04:48
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about beta1 yet.

13-05-2005, 16:05:47
Googlism for: counterglow

counterglow is the dispersed solar light by fine particles distributed along the ecliptic
counterglow is created by it's community
counterglow is a website/community run for its members
counterglow is even more challenging and requires having a pretty good idea of where to look in the first place
counterglow is not associated with earth

13-05-2005, 17:03:56
mda is a butcher
mda is here to help you
mda is a suspect carcinogen in humans
mda is also harmful if you happen to swallow it
mda is still in many respects in its infancy
mda is more hallucinogenic with noticeable closed eye imagery
mda is always there and constantly requires essential equipment

Bossman even has a Dutch entry (I think).

13-05-2005, 17:16:57
Originally posted by Funko
Rather than copy them all... Bossman's are hillarious too

bossman is a gorgeous albino boy

:lol: oh god, here come the tears again

Nills Lagerbaak
13-05-2005, 17:25:39
Here it is in black and white:

nils is de zanger van rockband poppenkast
nils is one of the world's best guitarists with a long solo career behind him
nils is only a semi
nils is an eleven year old boy
nils is a swedish farm boy
nils is ultimately responsible for overall business activity in canada

13-05-2005, 17:28:52

13-05-2005, 17:29:33
spartak is the best team
spartak is not going to hold on to a player who behaved so disrespectfully towards the team the administration of the club is shocked by the news
spartak is fedor cherenkov
spartak is the only club of supporters among others which has an official status of russia in its name
spartak is glad to have keith back in the pipes after a few years away from the sport
spartak is known throughout the league for it's fast paced
spartak is ready for the battle
spartak is not going to play on the renewing luzhniki stadium this year
spartak is the most popular club in russia
spartak is now a well known established name in the skateboard business after being introduced in 1997 and recently has
spartak is practically playing every third day
spartak is away to uralan
spartak is in compliance with current
spartak is not going to hold on to a player who behaved so disrespectfully towards the team
spartak is the best
spartak is currently fielding the two players together and
spartak is ranked 105 while fc servette are 43rd
spartak is destroyed
spartak is the local football club which was 5 times the champion of the
spartak is the champion
spartak is sponsored by russian oil supergiant lukeoil
spartak is captured must be a lie
spartak is out of the way we'll arrange a little celebration
spartak is the champion forever
spartak is at tulsa monday
spartak is seeking rebrov
spartak is not in the market to sell sychyov at the moment and chervichenko did not go to italy to try to negotiate this deal
spartak is the kind of team that punishes opponent's mistakes
spartak is likely to be named captain as the most experienced player at this level in the side
spartak is the best of the art
spartak is situated at 15 minutes' going by car from city centre
spartak is rated fourth with eight points after five rounds now
spartak is champion 1996
spartak is almost ready for upcoming season
spartak is zo'n tegenstander van formaat
spartak is weer kampioen geworden en lokomotiv moskou won bij anderlecht met 1
spartak is still without points
spartak is champion
spartak is champion for the third time in a row
spartak is highly
spartak is that must do without possibly their best player andrei tikhonov
spartak is better
spartak is now lieutenant spartak
spartak is now lt
spartak is kifizette volna az 5
spartak is very gosu
spartak is level at 1
spartak is group a's surprise leader after beating bayer leverkusen
spartak is a champion" and "natasha + anton = love"
spartak is the only club he has played for
spartak is scheduled for sunday
spartak is also a team sponsor
spartak is registered as a professional soccer club
spartak is open to question
spartak is again ready to challenge for top honours
spartak is flying here
spartak is only one point behind the leaders
spartak is
spartak is een formatie om u tegen te zeggen
spartak is meat
spartak is played by grant sullivan
spartak is very good technically
spartak is their lack of competitive games
spartak is a champion
spartak is tremendously important in the history of soviet sport not only for its ice hockey team but as the sports club which also had a very
spartak is selected no
spartak is at home
spartak is a nice club
spartak is struggling in last place in the eastern conference of the second division with a 2
spartak is het ajax van het oosten

13-05-2005, 17:29:59
taz is cool
taz is the man for accrington
taz is king
taz is in need of a loving home in oregon
taz is in need of a loving home in tn
taz is back by guyknow
taz is in the cookie jar
taz is an aggie dog
taz is in two tracts
taz is my favorite looney toons character
taz is the man for accrington tariq hussain
taz is king the king and queen
taz is king taz is king
taz is a dumbass taz is a dumbass taz is a dumbass taz is a dumbass taz is a dumbass taz is a dumbass taz is a dumbass taz
taz is temporary
taz is unique just as every autonomous human is unique
taz is incredibly rare
taz is a 47 foot aluminum
taz is a blue & tan australian terrier
taz is not a harbinger of some pie
taz is like an uprising which does not engage directly with the state
taz is entering its first rush season
taz is provocative
taz is a shetland sheepdog
taz is a retired blood donor with eastern veterinary blood bank
taz is een perfecte tactiek voor een tijdperk waarin de staat alomtegenwoordig is en tegelijkertijd vergeven van de barsten en lege ruimten
taz is an encampment of guerilla ontologists
taz is "a suggestion
taz is on the cartoon looney tunes
taz is like the tasmanian devil
taz is an innocent savage
taz is just awesome
taz is a "wild child" and tends to play rough
taz is the king of the house and king of our cats
taz is a new assistant the the social director at the cherrywood place retirement center
taz is a very intense protection dog with extreme pain tolerance
taz is soon captured and brought to the sam francisco zoo
taz is da man
taz is really saint nick and offers to the red
taz is niet zonder risico's
taz is
taz is clear and insightful
taz is to find and destroy the seven wanted signs in each level
taz is so vast and ambiguous
taz is a free
taz is almost self
taz is something that spontaneously happens
taz is moody and territorial
taz is the name of my iguana
taz is the author of electronic publishing
taz is not a paz; within the social arena
taz is displaying a lot of very promising qualities
taz is the first that we have seen
taz is instantly recognizable as one of the most beloved and entertaining cartoon characters of all time
taz is based loosely on the reputation of the real tasmanian devil
taz is pictured here at 11 months of age
taz is an absolutely unstoppable
taz is due to receive a platinum disc for his latest album and is currently preparing for a five
taz is cell
taz is catherine's cuddly son
taz is a member of the rose project© and lady taz is a member of the submissive quilt©
taz is back
taz is l0 years old
taz is thrown around a lot in rave circles
taz is a black
taz is already about 13 hands tall
taz is in the cookie jar again by applause
taz is nothing without tuxedo
taz is subject to the school regulatory authorities of the canton of zurich and the municipality of horgen
taz is the man with no peers
taz is in a full body cast
taz is also working on the up and coming crash cdrom
taz is a 10 month old
taz is one of the most beloved looney tunes characters and his dynamically wild personality is a perfect fit for the world of video games
taz is to break out
taz is very tolerant of them
taz is a happy
taz is ready for action
taz is our second raccoon
taz is the best
taz is chasing a panicked daffy
taz is an specimen of the tasmanian devils
taz is located
taz is mad
taz is a comfort to me as well if i am facing a new situation
taz is the father of this unique technique
taz is freestyling his way into your heart
taz is being shown on the southern amha national show circuit by our good friends

13-05-2005, 17:51:59
Hmm.. seems quite accurate.

13-05-2005, 17:59:30
lod is 3
lod is great
lod is the higher resolution
lod is not used at all and the vrml browser can use whatever method it likes
lod is closed when all treatment is completed and the soldier is fit to return to duty
lod is an application of the more general principle of low coupling between components
lod is still a valuable rule for oo programming
lod is a base
lod is not necessarily a limiting factor in the test system performance
lod is called vipm
lod is identified by a delegation no
lod is complete
lod is to borin to play ne more to repeditive not enough stuff to do and the exp chars where not cool enough to keep me interested i just beat the
lod is totally empty
lod is not just another "group" that goes around with upper/lower case names
lod is in creating a strong system for both objects and terrain
lod is omega = 72 921 151
lod is passed onto the next lod calculation
lod is "good
lod is not absolutely necessary
lod is a terrific role
lod is slf_full
lod is to reduce the amount of work required to animate characters in the distance
lod is a pretty simple node
lod is one of a
lod is to create something that would have been impossible to achieve if we had struggled alone
lod is a global network of thought leaders and early adopters of elearning
lod is international and the research will examine developments in many countries
lod is performed by comparing ranges
lod is
lod is fairly diverse
lod is used
lod is now on the fritz
lod is used for all non
lod is used to determine eligibility
lod is the geometry lod modified to account for polygon ?tilt?; texture lod is calculated for all vertexes until a quad is bound to a texture;
lod is encountered
lod is meant to be used to optimize performance by drawing fewer or simpler polygons for objects that are far away from the viewer
lod is enabled
lod is a <list
lod is an online
lod is a potent concept in computer rendering which allows you to specify differently detailed representations of any given object
lod is stronger than at a high lod
lod is based on a set of standards
lod is not equal to the loq
lod is an audio recorded lecture service that delivers a streamed digital recording of lectures to university of melbourne students
lod is defined in the first paragraph of section 3
lod is greater than 0
lod is still complex
lod is the lod score that the marker was placed at on the map
lod is not
lod is very graphic
lod is a development town populated mainly by immigrants who arrived after the establishment of israel
lod is an abbreviation for "log of the odds
lod is the best
lod is possibly revising their recruit requirements
lod is able to increase the frame rate and we still see the nearest surround in good quality
lod is 1
lod is still whooping on asses and taking names in the charts
lod is just too out of date
lod is for anyone interested in learning
lod is back
lod is good but has a few limitations
lod is way too addictive
lod is illustrated in figure 7
lod is at a point in the code which dominates the cu use and which post
lod is an outstanding addition that should have been in the released version from the get go
lod is the most important node in vrml for performance tuning
lod is when a user is initially setting up their
lod is the lowest concentration of analyte that the analytical method can reliably detect
lod is composed of several organizational units at the section lod
lod is somewhat severe
lod is less
lod is the port 1 ao
lod is best described as charming
lod is not appropriate for the situation in question
lod is the abbreviation of logarithm of odds and is the common logarithm of likelihood ratio for the observed segregation frequency at a pair of loci
lod is broken in several areas
lod is almost totally excited by the global wind and pressure fields
lod is a system feature for optimizing the amount of detail rendered in a scene
lod is based on applicable portions of the doe accelerator safety order that have been incorporated into appendix e of the sura/jefferson lab contract with
lod is the suck"

I am the suck \o/!

13-05-2005, 18:29:00
protein is so overrated

protein is determined

protein is the darling of the dieting set

protein is no doubt the best

13-05-2005, 22:55:08
Googlism for: ming

ming is a lot more
ming is a tall
ming is cleared to join rockets
ming is running on win
ming is an instant success
ming is what they need
ming is a tall order / aug 27
ming is a tall order august 28
ming is a tall order august 27
ming is a tall order august 29
ming is back? party and "friends of falun gong ireland" is formally founded
ming is back? party and "friends of falun gong
ming is a bastard:lol::lol::lol:
ming is a lot more skilled than bradley" by matt krumrie / june 20
ming is ac library for generating swf
ming is a open
ming is a tall order indianapolis
ming is an swf output library and php module built by dave hayden from opaque
ming is easy to program in c
ming is an instant success by kristi belcamino contra costa times
ming is back
ming is a tall order
ming is associated with cleaning graves and paying respect to the dead
ming is the talk
ming is the michael jordan of china
ming is not a mercenary
ming is based on ming
ming is an open
ming is not forgotten
ming is well documented since the 10th century ad by a large number of classical lecturer books and studies written through the
ming is a 12
ming is fully constructed
ming is still observed worldwide by chinese families
ming is the emperer of the planet mongo
ming is in canada with the china national team as it prepares for participation in the 2002 world championship games
ming is in need of a loving home in ca
ming is the last of the pituitary basketball wonders from china to be granted permission to play in the nba
ming is neither a wax or a polish
ming is a laboratory of literary design working on different media
ming is not an acronym
ming is installed
ming is finally found by dracoa
ming is giving an interview to the well
ming is where they would start
ming is a very well
ming is like shawn bradley
ming is the favourite still
ming is ontwikkeld om de uitvoering van de regeling subsidiëring gebiedsgericht beleid
ming is a very important chinese art by zhang zeduan of the northern song dynasty
ming is getting rid of his anime collection
ming is like
ming is only compatible with php 4
ming is an initiative to provide a high speed multimedia network for the educational community within greater manchester
ming is a houston rocket he is a houston rocket for
ming is a 7
ming is a raw talent who comes tied up in red tape
ming is very sensitive about colors and fulls of imagination
ming is chinese? also possible
ming is accustomed to being defined as indefinable
ming is a huge mistake
ming is a laboratory of literary design
ming is in it and does some good fighting
ming is a medical doctor from china who is doing a special arrangement masters degree with dr
ming is also a student of shorinji kempo zen martial arts
ming is in the process of finishing an album with billy childish called "here come the fleece geese" which should come out
ming is located somewhere at mingapulco currently:D
ming is a real estate agent that is known in the community of cerritos for their dedicated client service
ming is an 18
ming is professor of chinese history and philosophy
ming is addressed by scholars from the diverse disciplines of philosophy
ming is a category that transcends regions in the
ming is an excellent cook and had to of worked really hard to get where he is
ming is located on a hillside tract on chili bank in the northeastern rim of the greater taipei basin
ming is the best
ming is a professor at the kaohsiung institute of technology and also practices chinese medicine
ming is of this special breed
ming is only providing auction services
ming is no longer able to control his left arm
ming is studying part
ming is to abstract away all of the mundane specifics of the swf file format
ming is portrayed by max von sydow

13-05-2005, 23:12:28
cgb spender is one of hundreds of aliases[/b[
[b]cgb spender is dead

The Shaker
15-05-2005, 14:46:06
shakey is about as close as any of us will get to understanding neil young

15-05-2005, 15:22:20
alsie is the only way to fly
alsie is the largest scandinavian provider of executive jet services and offers a variety of services to professionals and individuals
alsie is a leading cantor and choir member at st
alsie is
alsie is about to lose his nipple
alsie is going to be nick's girl?
alsie is uitgeleend moet je ff wachten

The Norks
15-05-2005, 16:31:02
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about the norks yet.

16-05-2005, 02:41:00
How about Hampsters instead...:)

Googlism for: hampsters

hampsters is connected to because
hampsters is connected to the following things
hampsters is their habit of running on their little wheels at one in the morning
hampsters is pregnant are not
hampsters is available now
hampsters is a runt
hampsters is already an animated
hampsters is equal to a squared so multiply that by the square root of an accordian that would be half an accordian
hampsters is totally shockin
hampsters is not here
hampsters is for glowstick carrying mallgoths who feel they must be obsessed with furry things that have been long dead in order
hampsters is less power for your mecha
hampsters is on nick in america and the barbiezone is on at 5pm everyday before you favourite show in the uk
hampsters is not a misspelling of 'hamsters'
hampsters is so passionate
hampsters is bad
hampsters is back

16-05-2005, 07:18:01
Googlism for: bells

bells is suicide a solution? 1993 clawfist
bells is one meter tall
bells is a ten
bells is a little wilful
bells is a fast growing
bells is used as an amulet by shamans from kalimantan and siberia
bells is an adaptation of an ancient ukrainian folk song called a "shchedrivka"
bells is from the all saints anglican church in coronach
bells is a fascinating and fragile underground wilderness which exerts its strongest appeal on forest visitors who enjoy cave exploration
bells is as precious as a violin made by stradivarius
bells is repeatedly rung in series
bells is a chime
bells is central to buddhist practices
bells is universal
bells is a classic tri
bells is “to bring to people’s attention the death penalty
bells is on calibre
bells is over
bells is proud to be a member of the campanological arts association of russia
bells is many people's ideal of the quintessential country pub?
bells is presented in such a way that it is difficult to get a handle
bells is quite an entertaining and atmospheric film that moves quickly and is graced by several fine performances
bells is a fast
bells is scored for piccolo
bells is that there is no resolve
bells is the world’s leading manufacturer of handbells
bells is to be found in the parish register commencing 1714 the note is as follows
bells is offering for sale a select group of vintage horse and sleigh bells
bells is known in michigan only from ontonagon county in the western upper peninsula
bells is a harsh
bells is defined as 5040 rows made up by ringing each possible row an equal number of times within the rules of change
bells is that of the self
bells is about ½ mile on your right
bells is the home of the rip curl pro
bells is situated in the heart of east anglia and is an ideal location from which to explore the many attractions of the region
bells is a traditional village inn which lies at the very heart of the picturesque devon hamlet of north bovey
bells is only $95
bells is as delightful to watch as it is to hear
bells is now known as a chime
bells is first recorded in a capitulary
bells is a straightforward venue with no frills
bells is a fascinating and fragile underground wilderness that exerts its strongest appeal on forest visitors who enjoy cave exploration
bells is phenomenal
bells is a charming example of an ancient japanese crafts
bells is a service that provides the services of ordained ministers to officiate at weddings
bells is the same as the intervals between the
bells is completely different than almost anything else
bells is practiced the ancient art of change ringing – an activity which is peculiarly english and is due to the method of ringing which developed
bells is the oldest women's morris team in new york city; it is at least 20 years old
bells is a gay and lesbian pub in cambridge that sits rather unpromisingly on the newarket road
bells is a prime example of the high standards
bells is 6 tons 9 cwt 3 qr 20 lbs
bells is a two
bells is the only music for the grooms
bells is in the centre of the village
bells is like a giant cave system
bells is a perfect country escape set on the edge of the village green
bells is a shareware program
bells is only a stone's throw away from my back steps
bells is carried to the rotunda instantaneously by an amplification system; until the us courthouse
bells is to introduce children to discrimination of musical sounds by pairing and grading
bells is a robinson's house and in addition to the stalwarts of robinson's best bitter and hatters' mild
bells is 8
bells is one of the most unique narcissi available and will dazzle you with its extra large yellow cup that is proportionately larger than its star
bells is said to drive away evil spirits
bells is that the diameter of the bell mouth is not the largest
bells is a bell
bells is an aggressive perennial climbing vine that has the ability to smother host plants
bells is made of a blend of five metals produced to create a strikingly clear resonance
bells is similar to the differences in interpretation that a musician
bells is a place to research and post your marriages from your family histories
bells is not restricted to austria but well spread all over europe
bells is both particularly
bells is your personal wedding page
bells is faster
bells is one of the best buys in children's books of 1988
bells is
bells is 720 and on eight bells is 40
bells is constantly changing in a non repeating pattern

16-05-2005, 11:43:44
Googlism for: open relationship (http://www.googlism.com/index.htm?ism=open+relationship&type=2)

My favourites:

open relationship is critical to any outsourcing arrangement such as the inland revenue’s technology services contract which has a long duration
open relationship is poly:brwncard:
open relationship is really only the tip of a very large lavender
open relationship is to be able to say to the partner that german credit is threatening to come to an end

Greg W
16-05-2005, 11:54:22
Originally posted by MOBIUS
open relationship is to be able to say to the partner that german credit is threatening to come to an end :lol:

16-05-2005, 11:56:17
Or Dutch credit in this matter...:D

Question is: Did he make a deposit, or was it a secure transaction?:cute:

Greg W
16-05-2005, 12:16:34
Did he even get to swipe his card?

16-05-2005, 13:09:11
keith is back

keith is the master of the messageboard

keith is a 01 person it's like a lemming leading a sheep to safety

keith is the male sex god

keith is a fag

keith is god original thread

keith is suffering from a severe intestinal blockage

keith is dead until they give me proof'

At least we know who came above nikhil in the god list

16-05-2005, 13:28:01
As he's just won the fantasy football and didn't provide us with the joy of his full list...

shaker is dead
shaker is used for salt?
shaker is first in state in math competition two shaker students to compete at us math olympiad
shaker is first in state in math competition
shaker is used for salt? on salt and pepper shakers with one shaker having more holes than the other
shaker is used for salt? before posting to the epicurious food forums
shaker is much more superiorly engineered to produce a clean
shaker is used to shake a drink with ice before serving
shaker is more of a chicago electric blues sound
shaker is american
shaker is the perfect vehicle for your next servings of martinis/manhattans
shaker is our base
shaker is easily accessible from downtown and university circle from fairhill boulevard
shaker is made each year to commemorate the annual convention
shaker is a graduate of amherst college in amherst
shaker is an elegant
shaker is no more than a sign of unprofessional bartender
shaker is shaped like a television and is primarily plum and cobalt blue with the cartoon cityscape scene and bewitched logo from the
shaker is developed from a revolutionary point of view
shaker is almost 15" tall and has a 2 1/2 qt capacity
shaker is super nice
shaker is unmarked
shaker is newer and in mint condition
shaker is designed to tackle the most difficult shaking applications like lysing cells or mixing polar and non
shaker is a lower speed shaker
shaker is a memory resident
shaker is 18
shaker is designed to make transport from one field test site to the next as fast and simple as possible
shaker is a hand held vibrator that has been adapted with a 3
shaker is 1
shaker is a very quiet
shaker is to inform
shaker is filled to the 4 oz
shaker is retained but the armature and
shaker is magnetically driven by placing it on top of a magnetic stirrer
shaker is unlike most
shaker is usually displayed on the right and the pepper shaker on the left
shaker is best
shaker is an extremely efficient
shaker is good 10
shaker is good block slides
shaker is 10" high
shaker is used in
shaker is the ultimate shaker designed for the ultimate protein
shaker is a clone of the 390
shaker is a true conversation piece
shaker is made by wmf
shaker is microprocessor controlled and has a
shaker is mounted on a carriage
shaker is piggy's head coming out of half of the box
shaker is just the right lounge accessory for the ultimate swanky yet hip cocktail gathering
shaker is not of the quality i expected
shaker is johansen's second album with the harry smiths
shaker is arguable the most famous
shaker is considered classic
shaker is made up of a moving platform manipulated by 3 articulated legs each having a universal
shaker is stamped "mr
shaker is 10
shaker is suave and sexy
shaker is the dam of $127
shaker is extremely important when isolating plasmid dna with the wizard ® magnesil™ plasmid dna purification system
shaker is reviewed below
shaker is the first mainstream alterna
shaker is a natural beauty
shaker is a high
shaker is off the table
shaker is a pig and the salt shaker is a cow
shaker is z=a sin
shaker is capable of inducing failure and all aspects of the shaker are adjustable
shaker is a single shaft machine which
shaker is uniquely american
shaker is used to provide the horizontal base motion
shaker is back ordered
shaker is a fundamental unit and it is often used in order to start the pre
shaker is a motor driven mechanical shaking device with a single
shaker is air operated
shaker is back
shaker is suitable for green salads
shaker is started
shaker is in position and locked logic level for use with dry contact or transistor 5ma vdc
shaker is how well they manage to weave the indian thing into their music
shaker is two
shaker is a rugged
shaker is a black lab
shaker is traditionally used to cap a 28 oz
shaker is to unfold and demonstrate these truths
shaker is recognized nationally for the quality of both its public and its independent schools
shaker is all one piece
shaker is a hi
shaker is designed specifically
shaker is a high performance microplate incubator and orbital shaker
shaker is lonely for his pepper mate
shaker is an antique white
shaker is to stand absolutely still – don’t talk
shaker is headquartered in latham

16-05-2005, 13:37:49
As for Where....

reading is power international
reading is rough :lol:
reading is not a
reading is not a natural process // by g
reading is a dish best served alone
reading is fundamental relief effort in ghana
reading is paramount 2000 index
reading is paramount card
reading is fundamental of southern california
reading is more than phonics; a bestselling book and a coaching
reading is on the rise in china
reading is fun pictures and posters
reading is killing me
reading is fame® overview
reading is easier than listening
reading is not a spectator sport
reading is fun week
reading is job 1
reading is a three
reading is the key to the world
reading is fundamental' books
reading is the cornerstone of learning
reading is fundamental program for area first
reading is fun
reading is cool
reading is rocket science
reading is rocket science what expert teachers of reading should know and be able to do american federation of teachers page 2
reading is fundamental®
reading is power”
reading is cool san jose sharks
reading is cool' for 4 years now and it's an integral part of my reading program
reading is not a natural process g
reading is fundamental has already distributed books to more than 7
reading is paramount? summer reading game 2000
reading is elementary
reading is fundamental of southern california a non
reading is more than phonics
reading is being taught
reading is the bee's knees from an impossibly angry insect to a time
reading is fundamanetal
reading is easy
reading is worth the attention
reading is fundamental ounded in 1966
reading is fun by keith product number :hmm:
reading is optional
reading is different from other courses
reading is fundamental — inexpensive book distribution program
reading is a must
reading is for life program overview the deluxe corporation foundation's board of directors recently discussed concerns about students who have limited
reading is fame ® overview a four
reading is fun week may 5_11
reading is fundamental
reading is not a spectator sport mary helen pelton
reading is so effective
reading is rocket science what expert teachers of reading should know and be able to do
reading is the beginning of an inner opening process and a process of gradual development of one's own abilities
reading is fun week may
reading is thinking
reading is not i am frequently asked why the national insti
reading is a three_ring circus for the imagination suggested reading titles
reading is satisfied with recognizing what a text says and restating the key remarks
reading is not a natural process
reading is the cornerstone
reading is fundamental program for area first graders
reading is in the game of hockey and in the game of life
reading is one key
reading is "fun"damental by linda miller
reading is fundamental in 1966

16-05-2005, 13:57:54
nils is de zanger van rockband poppenkast
That's a great band name, Poppenkast!! :beer:

16-05-2005, 16:22:50

Googlism for: mose

mose is situated in the nw part of copenhagen only 6
mose is a shallow lake surrounded by reeds
mose is by all accounts one of the most unique voices in jazz
mose is high on a ladder
mose is a national historic landmark
mose is a fixture on the canadian scene NOOO!
mose is one of the most wry and witty writers around; his songs can be just plain silly to pointedly satirical
mose is very laid back and feels that music is a way of life
mose is
mose is a tremendous colorist
mose is not to commission any work from him
mose is based on archaeological and historical research by consulting project historians albert manucy and luis arana
mose is a hero
mose is one of my heroes"
mose is still playing over 150 dates a year and considers his 40 years on the road performing as "on the job training (... "dates"? :lol: )
mose is an avid gardener
mose is able to fill for himself quite well while singing
mose is in her second year at dobie high school
mose is authorized to sponsor and produce the events set forth in exhibit a attached to this ordinance
mose is nowhere to be found
mose is integrated with various types of viewer application for web contents in order to meet industrial needs
mose is also an endearing storyteller
mose is a major point on the florida black heritage trail and has been designated a national historic landmark
mose is but a fragment and poignant piece of
mose is without a visitor seeking his work
mose is a state
mose is the youngest of 12 children
mose is known as the patriarch of american folk art and is cited as an influence by many other outsider artists
mose is becoming something of an icon to a whole new generation of blues/pop musicians
mose is the same as the earlier moses except i've alway just been so moved by that tremendous by that tremendous tremendous burst of
mose is considered the first legally sanctioned free black town in the united states and was instrumental in shaping spanish international policy on
mose is listening
mose is lost as he saves others in a fire
mose is a representation of florida's rich history
mose is america?s first free black settlement
mose is helping to document the critical
mose is unknown to most americans
mose is the site of the first legally sanctioned free black settlement in north america
mose is internationally acclaimed guitarist
mose is white
mose is a cool one blending both blues and jazz with a wry sense of humor
mose is an open question
mose is by and large an untold story; one that needs to be told to receive an accurate picture of the history of st
mose is visible drawing not colored and no reference to ft
mose is captured
mose is on this site
mose is and has always been at the top of his game
mose is never actually
mose is effective
mose is black and evil and damns his luck driving master schwartz's big coal truck
mose is a large forest of reed to the south of the hills
mose is now deceased
mose is actually a jazz/blues singer/pianist
mose is doing fine
mose is the straight man to partner rocky's befuddled fat man
mose is beginning to tap into the talent that made her one of the nation's top high
mose is still the mose allison songbook's keenest interpreter
mose is a precursor site of the underground railroad
mose is just that good
mose is a mose
mose is heading for the city and i sure do pity them that says he's dead now mose ain?t dead
mose is an active member of youth undoing institutionalized racism and the people's coalition for justice
mose is right here
mose is the most speedy and convenient on
mose is dead"
mose is jüst dat de hauptknütt; he meent :lol:
mose is the narrator
mose is shown "full" figure in his traditional southern gentleman's attire
mose is a woman with a mission
mose is accompanied by bassist roy babbington and drummer mark taylor
mose is 8
mose is later found mysteriously murdered
mose is the site of the first black free town in the nation
mose is definitely not your cutting
mose is killed by his old nemesis and the young booker is left to cry for him
mose is 6
mose is missing after rescuing all the civilians inside a burning building again?
mose is now a premier site on the florida black heritage trail
mose is above the average slave in that his master in the north had let him learn to read and write lucky me
mose is dyslexic [but...]
mose is an entertainer whose amalgam of jazz
mose is well
mose is arrested

I just find all those female references disturbing

16-05-2005, 16:42:55
keith is the master of the messageboard
keith is cumin' atcha live
keith is going to burst your bubble
keith is a 01 person it's like a lemming leading a sheep to safety
keith is the male sex god
keith is a fag
keith is also heavily involved in donating his time to worthy charities
keith is busy working as the arkansas state director of the "fishers of men" national tournament circuit
keith is dedicated to giving you this arsenal to take home with you
keith is the family provider and is a trucker by trade
keith is not the dog lord
keith is a career military officer with a combined time of over 25 years experience with the candian forces and the us army
keith is described by his clients as dynamic
keith is in prison i realize as never before the number of friends he has worldwide
keith is suffering from a severe intestinal blockage
keith is dead until they give me proof'
keith is an old softie completely
keith is as fierce a runner as you'll ever see
keith is singing about a broken heart
keith is lounging on the couch as he hears the roaring sounds of the blender go off behind him
keith is an ass
keith is an avid collector and reader of comic books with nearly 30 years experience
keith is one of the world's pickiest eaters
keith is awarded the walter dickmand award
keith is a popular guest on major tv and radio talk shows demonstrating his memory skill
keith is one of the dudley natural health centres homeopaths and also practices indian head massage and reflexology
keith is playing santa in a children's play
keith is in trouble
keith is posing young housewifes
keith is thinks he won't be caught but

Those last 4 are a wonderful little story of their own

16-05-2005, 17:44:06

My Favourites:

martini is gonna get drunk
martini is suitable only for beautiful people
martini is elusive
martini is considered by some a possible successor to pope john paul ii
martini is a treat for all of the senses we feel the eyes should be let in on the fun
martini is a blend of such fine proportions that you are consumed by its ultimate reality
martini is one of life's great pleasures
martini is a superbly balanced spirit

16-05-2005, 18:09:31
tau ceti is a complex game to play
tau ceti is such a g
tau ceti is a bit metal
tau ceti is xzx meaning
tau ceti is also home to another black hole leading to an unknown location :brwncard:
tau ceti is tau ceti
tau ceti is 12 lys distant and our 18 th nearest neighbor
tau ceti is only 5
tau ceti is far too close to earth for my liking :(
tau ceti is close by and often has people with tasks for you to fulfil in exchange for cash and a permit
tau ceti is under attack by hotile alien forces
tau ceti is the 7th closest naked
tau ceti is a g (again? Dutch invasion... :nervous:)
tau ceti is no longer a queen
tau ceti is enrico cosimi
tau ceti is determined to be 11
tau ceti is overrun with renegade robots :eek:
tau ceti is under siege
tau ceti is technically considered part of the milky way galaxy
tau ceti is an idyllic place free of the monstrous creatues that roam the planets continents
tau ceti is unknown and unstable
tau ceti is almost forgotten :(

And in response to Nills's question:

tau ceti is one the 3

16-05-2005, 18:22:20
one of the ToD?

The Shaker
16-05-2005, 20:06:29
I notice from KGs list

shaker is the ultimate shaker designed for the ultimate protein :eek:

16-05-2005, 20:55:36
Originally posted by MDA
one of the ToD?