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29-04-2005, 11:29:59

One woman received a cheque of just two rupees (less than five US cents) for damage to her coconut crops.

The islands' chief administrator has now conceded that "ridiculous" cheques have been sent out to tsunami victims.

Thousands of islanders were killed in the 26 December Indian Ocean tsunami and many survivors were made homeless.

India's central government promised millions of dollars worth of aid to the Andamans after the tsunami.
Scores of villagers in the worst hit Nicobar group of islands say they have been issued with cheques for small amounts of money.

OK, this is just sad.
But if you read then the name of the beneficiary of this humongous reimbursement, you get the doubt that this is all just a hoax, a spoof... or else a sour joke of destiny and circumstance..
what's in a name...

Tsunami victim Charity Champion

The BBC has seen a cheque for two rupees sent to Charity Champion, who lives in the village of Nancowrie, an island in the worst hit Nicobar group.

"I lost 300 coconut and areca nut trees in the tsunami, with damage running up to 20,000 rupees ($457)," Charity told the BBC.

"But even judging by the government's assessment of damage, I should have received at least five to six thousand rupees ($114-$137).

"You don't pay two rupees even for a broken window pane."

Her nearest bank demands a deposit of 500 rupees to open an account. She said she was in no mood to do that, just to cash in her two rupee cheque.

Although Charity is the only person to receive a cheque for a single digit amount, there are scores of others who have been paid what they consider to be dismally low amounts.

:lol: ...er.... :(

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how ironic :lol:

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