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The Norks
28-04-2005, 18:06:52
today I ran/walked alternate minutes for about half an hour. only 6 weeks to close the gaps!!

I now have two big bags of leg peas in the freezer for making my legs cool down.

hmmm....leg peas :heart:

28-04-2005, 18:26:10
I run a five mile race tomorrow morning as part of a "President's Challenge for Health and Fitness" thingy.

I even get to log the hours as work!

No peas for me, but Thai food and Advil for dinner. :beer:

28-04-2005, 18:29:21
Why frozen peas and not bags of ice, BTW?

28-04-2005, 18:42:40
You think we keep bags of ice in our freezers? This is Britain...

I was going to give some sort of greater surface area and conductivity answer but that would have been bullshit.

28-04-2005, 19:12:13
I'm doing a 10k on Monday morning.

woohoo what a way to spend a bank holiday. :(

28-04-2005, 19:16:12
10K? I'm not sure I could run 10K. 8K is my current limit and it'll be a challenge to run the whole thing.

Should be no problem for you - you do mini triathlons, right?

28-04-2005, 19:34:21
I could probably do five if I was allowed to walk for half of it.

I'm not very .fir

Provost Harrison
28-04-2005, 19:39:39
10K is my limit...I presume we're talking millimetres? :D

28-04-2005, 20:10:09
my weekly 'exercise' got cancelled today :(

28-04-2005, 20:13:28
I did a 'mini' (still bloody hard!) triathlon once but haven't really swum since. Not doing another one this year for sure!

28-04-2005, 20:17:51
That's still something.

I'd like to do a marathon, but ouch.

Provost Harrison
28-04-2005, 20:47:07
Same here...in a car :D

28-04-2005, 20:51:55
I ran monday and sunday. Didn't run the last two days. I plan on running today.

Jon Miller

28-04-2005, 21:09:51
The only thing I can run is a fever.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
28-04-2005, 21:32:17
Originally posted by alsieboo
my weekly 'exercise' got cancelled today :(

A aywn and a long stretch doesn't count as exercise. Unless I'm doing it.

The Norks
29-04-2005, 00:16:29
Originally posted by MDA
Why frozen peas and not bags of ice, BTW?

because the leg peas are smaller and therefore mould to the shape of your leg better. I imagine a petit pois does better than a marrowfat.

Note: do not try this with cold mushy peas, as you will make a mess :)

leg peas! leg peas!

Bloody hell its going to be ages before I can do a 5k. I was impressed today that I could run 2 continuous minutes. Still, my breathing and heart rate are doing well and thats maybe the biggest part of it. Am going to force myself round as much of the 5k as poss and then cover myself in leg peas.

I need new running shoes too as I have not enough support and big fat feet like dolphin flippers

Greg W
29-04-2005, 01:23:50
Norks, the best way I found to stop your leg muscles suffering pain the next day was a hot bath with Radox (mineral salts). Plus, what lady needs an excuse to have a bath?

And heaven knows, the more often you Brits have a bath, the better. :p

29-04-2005, 09:28:45
I suppose you don't need as many with your unbelievably high rainfall.

Greg W
29-04-2005, 13:58:12
Well, it rains more often where you are, so one could say that you'd need less.

(and let's not start all that again)

29-04-2005, 13:59:03
OK, don't want to make you feel bad about your horrible climate again.

Greg W
29-04-2005, 14:20:38
:lol: 200 days of fog, remember? :p

29-04-2005, 14:22:02


Greg W
29-04-2005, 14:23:12


29-04-2005, 14:24:30
Yes please.

29-04-2005, 14:36:34

bad for you

29-04-2005, 14:38:16
Didn't mean it haven't had any for ages. :beer:

Greg W
29-04-2005, 14:38:19
Was that supposed to be tsk tsk tsk? And West Virginians are unable to type or pronounce the letter "k"?

Greg W
29-04-2005, 14:38:53
Originally posted by Funko
Didn't mean it haven't had any for ages. :beer: He's too busy drinking... :beer:

29-04-2005, 14:39:41
I'll have you know Senator Byrd has nothing to do with them!!

anymore ;)

Greg W
29-04-2005, 14:46:04
I'm presuming you mean the KKK, but the name (Senator Byrd) means nothing to me (I'm sure Funko will point out it's to do with being uncultured).

29-04-2005, 14:47:05
I have no idea either.

Greg W
29-04-2005, 14:47:49
I know that, but does the name mean anything to you? :p

29-04-2005, 14:48:02
I didn't expect you to. Old guy polititian. Been senator from WV for eons

Greg W
29-04-2005, 14:49:02
And was the KKK guess correct?

29-04-2005, 14:49:33

Greg W
29-04-2005, 14:50:50
Yay! \o/

29-04-2005, 15:35:11
What happens in 6 weeks?

29-04-2005, 15:43:21
Norks does the cancer charity run

29-04-2005, 15:55:50
If you don't run fast enough do they give you cancer?

29-04-2005, 17:12:37
yeah, with a bullet

29-04-2005, 19:03:35

5 miles, a few seconds shy of 45 minutes

Not too bad. I only hurt a lot.

I could skip the Thai food and eat an entire Thai person.

29-04-2005, 20:41:56
I jogged for about three miles today then walked the other two around the lake. Man, I'm out of shape. Actually I think I was being more lazy then anything since I could have kept jogging.

29-04-2005, 20:48:18
I saw a guy jogging as I drove to work this morning.